Whats App is extending its features

It took some time but it was truly worth it, Whats App has finally pulled the trigger on payments. Global users will be able to use this in phase 2 but Users in Brazil will be the first to be able to send and receive money through the messaging app, using Facebook Pay.

WhatsApp says that the payments service — which currently is free for consumers to use, but comes with a 3.99% processing fee for businesses receiving payments — will work by way of a six-digit PIN or fingerprint to complete transactions.

During Covid-19 majority of the companies and groups opted significantly social media platform to have formal or informal communications as work from home got in demand however whats app 1.5 billion users spread over 180 countries were not quite satisfied with the proposed limit of participants allowed in whats app video calling which forced them to used other applications for formal or informal video conference. On the other hand Pandemic overflowed traffic on other applications such as Zoom where there is no limit of participants to have a group conference. This escalating demand forced Facebook owned messenger application to retail there users by allowing more participants to talk with others simultaneously hence increased participants from 4 to 8 and it may increase further in future.

Whats app revised policy amid sustainability constraints



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