Product Testers on Amazon alert

Shopping online has become so trendy now a days specially on top eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Ali express and the list goes on and on followed by different brands all around the globe on the internet. However in this trending online shopping one has to be very vigilant while shopping as different vendors are all around following you to sell there product by any means they do opt various strategies to catch customers. You must have come across product testers companies on Facebook and other social media platforms, we are hiring product testers in electronics, clothing and other sections of households such as furniture.

Have you been approached for Product Tester?

Whats the strategy they opt is interesting but not long lasting. approaching you on Facebook and asking you to buy a product use it and leave a review is one of the kind of fabricated strategy which is trending now a days and consumers have started realizing about this scam on top leading shopping platform Amazon under the tag of Amazon choice. Lets make it short and to the point.

One of the customer told us “Few days back i got approached by one of the vendors on Facebook requesting to be a product tester for him. He shared the product details and told me once you buy from us, use it and leave review and we will refund you the amount also asked for PayPal account. As i order and shared receipt which he did acknowledged, after wards as i continue tracking the same product i realized it was taken of from the listing as reached the vendor he came up with weird excuses which has no sense such as we are short of inventory that’s why taken of the product. Product not in listing means you cant return or review it. As i traced the product i could not find the same but different variants of it. which revealed me a different kind of strategy they have opted to fool people around in the name of Product tester. However he said its not a scam, our competitor fooled us and all that lame excuses. I have screenshots and everything which i will be sharing in the end.

So keep your self away from this product testing role as it is not something that will please you for sure. Its just another way of selling stuff. Check this company page on Facebook . Be cautious if it happened with one customer they can fool others too don’t not waste your $40.

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