Trump vows smooth transition, aids to cooperate with federal agencies

The US national security advisor on Monday promised a smooth transition to a new administration under President-elect Joe Biden as he came close to acknowledging the defeat of Donald Trump, who refuses to concede. Robert O’Brien, who coordinates all national security matters at the White House, said that the United States has had “peaceful, successful transitions even in the most contentious periods.”

3 Swing States will decide who’s next President Of USA

160 million votes historic turnout , 67% voted in #USElections2020

The three Rust Belt states that unexpectedly vaulted Donald Trump into the White House in 2016 — Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — now represent the difference between his reelection and a one-term presidency.

Together, they represent 46 electoral votes. If they were to fall in line for Joe Biden — as the trio did for the Democratic presidential nominee in seven consecutive elections before 2016 — they would make him the 46th president.

All the latest updates of US Elections 2020, latest and most updated results arriving. Stay tunes. It’s important to remember Biden did not absolutely need to win Florida or Georgia. If he can win in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he will still capture the White House.

However, Biden wins in Florida or Georgia would have almost certainly eliminated any chance of a Trump victory. That does not seem to be the case tonight.

Instead, we will likely have to wait for results from the Midwestern battlegrounds to determine the winner of the presidential race.

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