Is study really free for international students in Europe?

Internet is over flowing with portals offering free study in Europe or Free study in Europe, it gives student an impression that by applying in European University they will get admissions in few weeks however its not the case. Certainly there are some public universities offering free or less tuition fees but they have some conditions. Before getting in that debate just to intimate you when you hear study free in Europe or Top 10 universities offering free education in Europe or any phrase or title that drags you to FREE LUNCH bowl just keep in mind universities in Europe can offer you study at less competitive rates such as $100-$500 annual fess but you still have to have your living expense of first 6 months in your bank which you have to show them. If you are assuming you will get free study and earn from there with out initial investment let me help you in rectifying you false thought its not the case or if any one claiming that he has his commission floating over your career.

So in short you have to prepare your bank statement that is equals to your 2 years or 1 years of academic stay lets assume your monthly expense is euro 700 per so at least 700 into 12 months is equals to euros 8400 plus your medical health insurance euro 100 and you other expense which rounds your total up to euro 10000. If some one is hiding these figures he surely has his commission more important that your career decision.

Today’s article will guide you about studying in Europe but that is not all. Main objective is to teach how you can study in Europe free of cost. There are many study abroad destinations in Europe. There are many education portals on internet which gives your a shock which to believe and which not to. Unlike other countries most European countries offer free or very cheap higher education to foreigner students. These are so low that even a Pakistani student can afford them.

How we have tried making it simple for students and keep them less confused with free study in Europe information bombardment, we have gathered all major education portals online offering any kind of education information and we have certain criteria for shortlisting these portals which can not be revealed. But it will surely help you to get all necessary information on one page rather then visiting each of them. Clearly illustrated what portal has to offer based on countries, programs, universities, course deadlines, course fees, free tuition fees and much more

Study Abroad Destinations in Europe

There are many countries in Europe and a lot of them are study abroad destinations. United Kingdom can be hard to afford educational expenses but there are 10 other European nations that offer higher education at very low tuition’s fees. Following table shows these countries and their approximate tuition fees per year. This table is courtesy of

Some of the above countries may charge a little more than others but most of the institutes in those countries also offer study programs at the lowest of cost. Since today’s article is objected toward studying free in Europe, let’s discuss the countries that are offer study programs without any tuition fee.

How France deals with international Students

France is a great study abroad destination ranked 6th in the world and it’s capital Paris is ranked best city in the world for international students. There are some universities in France that offer free higher education for international students. Other institutes may not be free but have a very lenient tuition fee that every can afford. Average undergraduate annual fee for a Government University is about 20,000 rupees. You can’t tell me that you can’t afford it. It’s next to free for annual tuition fee.

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Is it really free study in Germany for international Students?

Germany ranked 3rd best study abroad destination to study in 2017, offers free education for all international students. Private universities cost great deal but most public universities are free. Here see complete Guide to Study in Germany for free.

Best accommodation to stay in Germany while study

Being a student its a wise decision to opt this place for your tenure

If you have trouble finding an accommodation we can help you out

Students accommodation in Germany

One of the best country in the world in terms of Human development index is Norway

No matter what country you belong to, Norway offers free higher education for you. Norway is particularly famous for its high quality of lifestyle. It is among the countries hosting most international students. It is home to some of world’s great and good ranked universities.

How student has to manage his monthly expense while studying in Europe?

Of course, education is free that is a very good thing. But living expenses cost more than tuition fees. Living expenses are the bigger problem here. First we need to find a university in the mentioned countries that best suits us. After getting admission there, comes part to cover the finances for living. One just can’t live for free but we can manage resources to afford it. Here is how you afford your living in Europe without having to pay anything from your pocket.

Get a Scholarship

If education is free why get a scholarship? To cover living expenses. Scholarships, don’t just cover the tuition fees. Scholarships also cover the cost of living including your accommodation, transport and food. There are also Grants and fund for international students that cover all these expenses.

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Find a Job

It is well enough if you get scholarships which you most certainly will. However, if scholarships are not enough, you also have other alternatives. You may not always win the scholarship or it may not be enough so you should find a job. Most of the international students join part time jobs to cover their expenses. In Europe you can earn about €500 to €1500 per month depending on  your job and country. It is more than enough to cover your living. It’s only the first few months that can be difficult after that you get hang of all things.

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