Crash Courses, flexible hours

Are you interested in learning some skills that could be viable in future? That enable you to manage your extra income. If you are really passionate and eager to learn something that could let you earn some extra income without commuting to any different place than these short online courses are exactly meant for you. You can learn through online video tutorial. Most affordable for students. This course will reveal some useful links with you to give you an exposure of full stack developer.

If you believe or think that developing or designing a website needs technical knowledge you are unaware to be honest. E learning has captured the digital world and has given access to people who are extremely interested to learn and that gives them a chance to learn online and then work to earn bread and butter. It has become so easy to learn basic development and designing and availability of templates has taken it to next level. All you need to have is interest, willingness and dedication. No technical knowledge is required. You have to have a right direction and platform.

Basic Plan 1
  • Web Development + Basic SEO + Programming Language
Basic Plan 2
  • Web Development + SEO + Basic Designing

  • Resume development
  • Report writing
  • Online consultation
  • Learn basic SEO
  • Learn basic web Development
  • Learn web designing
  • Learn programming languages

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