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Most of the time when you ask a student or potential applicant about moving to Australia the only thing pops up in their mind is Melbourne and Sydney. However, you can’t blame them for that because where ever the consultant will drive them they will follow and make the way. If you expect Bull not to hit you in the ring you are probably the dumbest person in the world. So if you think consultants would tell you the right information (ground reality) you are probably fooling yourself. The consultant would always tell you the options to consider in which he would have a better commission and success rate.

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Let’s come to the point, Melbourne at the moment is the most competitive city, the government of Australia is pushing people out of the city and made it harder and harder with every passing day for students and immigrants to avail TR leading to PR. so what are the rest of the options students have to avail TR leading to PR easily?

There are 3 cities which are encouraged by the Australian Government at the moment and hardly or unicorn people have an idea about it. Unlike Melbourne state is offering 15 points and in Melbourne, you are required to have 85 points in total however in these states you are required only 65-70 points.

Less competition, the state encourages you to live and if you manage to live for more than 2 years it extends your TR as well, single applicant points, state sponsor, so there are a lot of benefits. Get the complete details about 489 Visa

Places that are encouraged by the Australian Government to live in are Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart. There are extra points in each of these states and much easy to avail TR leading to PR unline Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, all you need to go through some authentic web links to get the procedure know-how so that you could apply.

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