Why should you study in Dubai?

We are going to share few interesting reasons here for those people who are confused about choosing Dubai as a place to study. In fact Dubai is a tourist resort and people are often confuse whether they have universities or not? Basically most of the university have their off shore campuses in Dubai

Study in Dubai: The moment one hears the word Dubai, images of grand skyscrapers, flashy cars and vast ever-inviting coastlines fill one’s mindscape. And who hasn’t heard about the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world? Dubai, to put it simply, has that magnetic charm that fascinates us in all its glory. But if you thought that it is all that to this charming city, you are further from the truth. Because behind the glamour and glitz of the city lies the sound foundation of academic excellence, which is powered by a slew of reputed universities. In recent times, these academic institutes have been able to attract students from across the world. So, don’t be surprised if in the foreseeable future Dubai becomes a synonym for higher education making it easier for you to convince your parents that you want to study in Dubai!

Top universities in Dubai

World QS Ranking Arab Region Rankings(QS)
American University in Dubai (AUD) 551-600 19
Zayed University 22
Higher Colleges of Technology (Dubai Branch) 36
University of Dubai 46


Required Documents for Admissions:


The following documents must accompany an Application for Admission.

  • Two (2) recent passport size photographs.
  • Copy of your passport and UAE residency visa, if Available.
  • Applicants should submit copies of secondary school records including a certificate of completion and a statement of grades/marks.
  • For advanced entry applicants/transfer students: if you are seeking credits for previous study completed at university /post-secondary level, please provide documents (e.g. official transcripts certificates, etc.) showing the subjects completed and marks /grades achieved along with detailed information on the content of courses and an explanation of the grading system .
  • Two (2) academic references on an official letterhead of school /college.
  • A personal statement (200 words or more)
  • Evidence of satisfying the English Language requirements, where applicable.

Application should be sent along with the supporting documents to the admissions office by the required ‘application deadline‘ on the following contact details: