Retail Job Interview Questions

Most Frequently asked questions in Retail Job Interview

Retail Job Interview questions: In the recent job interview in one of the leading retail stores in the UK, the candidate was asked various questions, they presented some situations and observed how the candidate react to such situation. It is highly recommended to go through all these questions if you are appearing in the retail job interview so be better prepared about the given scenarios. They might be helpful.

The retail industry is one of the most dynamic and rapid industry not specific to any country or region. No matter you go to any corner of the world you will see the rapid transition of customers, ques, stock placement, orders in process, deliveries, and hassle on the floor.

So if you get a chance and appear in the Retail job interview you need to keep these points in mind before going in the interview. Primarily there are two sections mentioned below:

Section: A

  •   Take a round of store Tesco, Morrison or Wall-mart
  •   Observe a variety of products, segments & Departments
  •   Make a hello hey with some employee, ask him no of the departments in the store
  •   No of products, variety, and segmentation
  •   Explore some inside details in a soft tone surely they will reveal that
  •   Explore Food/Non-Food sections
  •   Fresh food section & Households
  •   How the transition actually happens?
  •   FIFO/ J-I-T whats the process they are following?
  •   The capacity of Goods Receiving section
  •   Check out Department and B2B delivery hours
  •   Modern Trade section vs traditional trading in store

After getting the store orientation and product placement thoroughly you got some knowledge about departments, how products are placed, what’s the process normally followed and how B2C and B2B clients are looked after. So this was all about the store and product orientation, a process followed and how it works.

Section: B

It is primarily customer-oriented. The Retail industry is one of the few industries which has a ruthless exposure to customers. You have to face customers again and again and if you manage to earn him he/she won’t go anywhere. Questions you could be asked in these sections are:

  • How would you greet the customer?
  • How you deal with the customer?
  • What if a customer has arrived for a claim?
  • What if a customer came back with an expired product?
  • What if he has been treated rudely by your colleague?
  • What if a customer is regular and expecting a discount on the products you are not offering at the moment but you can’t deny him?
  • What is a customer who has been misinformed about the price, brand, product location and he ends up in frustration and needs to talk to your Manager?
  • What if a customer has arrived for cashback on a sale product?
  • What if a customer is looking for a specific brand and store is short of that?
  • What if a customer wants to utilize the coupons but they are not valid on the products he purchased but he is insisting and arguing?
  • What if a customer is not happy and the Manager blaims you in front of a customer?
  • What if customer bulk order goes short of the receipt mentioned products?

These are probably most often asked questions from the Customer Manager or Business Development Manager during the job interview.

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