You don’t have to be in Dubai, use these tools to find job

Indeed Dubai is a fetching place for its tourist attractions as well as corporate attraction. Almost 95% of global multi nationals prefer to have a presence in Dubai due to its fast life trend, diversification and affordability. Most of the times people misunderstood and perceive something false from the marketing point of view of Dubai. Quite brazen they will show the best of Dubai to all those foreigners interested to visit Dubai for holidays purpose that should be misunderstood by job seeker. What i mean to make clear to people is take Dubai differently for tourist and holidays and differently as corporate opportunity.

They are fraud and scammers be very careful and never pay them money

Coming toward corporate section, for all those employees and job hunters looking for jobs in Dubai I will strongly recommend them to me smart and precise during job hunt.

How should you approach Dubai for job hunt:

  1. Best season for job hunt (October – Jan)
  2. Ideal time to stay in Dubai 45-60 Days
  3. Total sum of money for expense approx $2000
  4. Accommodation sharing preferred in New Dubai (Downtown/Marina/Tecom/JBR)
  5. Preferred mode of transport (Tram and Cab)
  6. Mode of applying for jobs (non Traditional and less known) CV distribution and software app 2GIS (Offline maps directory )

We do not guarantee that you will get a job using these software’s but assure you that they can increase your chances

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