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Most Trusted Study Guide for Students in the UK 2019/20

Some useful tips for upcoming international students who are arriving in the UK in a while for study matter. You won’t get such information from anyone in so much detail because 70% have never been to UK and rest may have visited. And others may not be bothered about sharing.There are a lot of issues students face on arrival and in initial few months regarding opening bank account, getting themselves register for National insurance, finding jobs and so on and so forth.

Most comprehensive study blog. 95% of the consultants & agents have never been to any country which they claim to be best and suitable for you to opt

1.Get free Pre-paid Sim from Airport and top up with at least £20 and go for the monthly package and get rid of this asap. Don’t be confused with contract sim only /phone stuff. Just get rid of this issue for a month later you will get the sense what contract and company you should go for. But by doing this you won’t be disconnected.

2.I expect you must have looked for your accommodation or someone must be there to pick you up or even if not it does not matter. Where ever you did book your accommodation or planning to stay you just need to get there via bus/tram/cab.

3.Assume you did reach your place, next day obviously you would plan to sort your initial admission matters and would go to university admission office. Well, Commutation !!! Most used (student) and economical mode of transportation is via bus. Trams within city give you an option for monthly/bi-annually passes but they are expensive and limited. So the best way to travel within the city is the bus. Grab weekly rider of stagecoach £13.5 from any stagecoach/first bus driver on cash.

Simplest way to get going. Many people would make you confuse by guiding you to go for monthly bi-annually, the point is they are not wrong but it’s not that instant. You need to apply online they may ask you for student ID card which you would not have on the 2nd day. So you can opt that monthly/bi-annually/annually rider in a months time once you sort your initial registration and get hold of your University ID card. All the details you can get (  Instead of wasting money on pay as you go instantly best option is to get weekly rider instantly and then apply for a monthly or other option.

4.Initial admission matter means that they will issue your university ID card that will be used everywhere until the time you would stay in the UK, well it can be your 2nd or 3rd day you need to apply for national insurance number UK by just browsing a website. The site would simply ask you your basic information. Remember you could receive that NI card in 1 to 4 weeks depending on your procedure and luck. And they will surely call you and confirm your arrival your status and reason of being in the UK. No need to get panic as you are in a legal status  You just need to confirm your biodata that’s it. National insurance number is important because all employers/companies would ask you for bank account number and NI number. And if you don’s have it they would ask you to wait for it.

5.Afterward, you need to book an appointment from Bank, it could be any Barclay, Santander or any. It seems easy and being a student you would get the benefit but they will ask you proof of address from here game starts. Proof of address can’t is possible any way expect NI form because being a student you can’t have your name on any utility bill. This seems funny as they know that student can’t have utility bill bu his/her name but would surely ask you to produce that. You would like to abuse them at that time but you could not 😀 well there is another scenario as well if you are living in university accommodation than you need to ask your university to give you a letter that states this student is living in university accommodation and we confirm that. You will then take that letter to the bank and show them your proof of address.

Usually, the university takes 10 working days to give you that letter in that while you book your 2nd appointment accordingly with a bank. But very less Pakistani students like to stay in university accommodation because it is expensive. So coming back to point those students who are lives outside university can’t produce their residence proof by utility bill need to wait for National Insurance letter. That’s the reason you are required to call them in the first week after you arrive. Once you get National insurance it clearly shows your name and address which can then be shown to a bank. In my case when they sent me National Insurance letter my spelling was wrong and I realized you can’t help typo error. So you need to be patient and need to contact them back to correct it so that you can give that to a bank. And if that happens you need to be cautious in booking the appointment with a bank.

6.Although it looks weird in start PDL (provisional Driving License ) has a worth, By having so you would be allowed to enjoy the nightlife of UK as you will be asked at all entry points. How you can get so? You just need to browse driving license site and give them your details and initial payment of £50 but since you won’t have the bank account so you won’t be able to pay online. Take cash to post office and ask them the form of PDL as you get so just fill it attach passport pictures and pay the amount. You would probably receive that in less than 10 days. It could vary, though. This is just an initial step and for the different purpose. If you want to get the actual license for driving purpose you have to book initial theory test and then lessons and final test. If you pass all in first attempt (Theory test, lessons 10, final test ) it should not take more than 3 months and £250 all in total. But if you fail any certain time and money incline.

7.Interesting hunt (Job Hunt) Mostly students search for part time jobs to make some money. All you need to do is to browse all job portals like,,, and few more. You should have your CV ready in PDF format. Need to update your UK mobile number and address (optional) and make accounts on all portal put your resume on all portals, subscribe them and you will start getting jobs updates in your mail box. It all depends what job but usually in part time matter students are ready to go for any job despite its nature. Nothing mind if your are skilled and gets a job in the same field but the scene is different really. On the other hand get your resume printed 50 copies and start leaving in all stores, restaurants, and takeaways. They are always in need of such students. Some of the local restaurants would pay you less but cash in hand, some would ask you your bank account and NI number so it’s all your luck. Don’t worry I bet you everyone gets the job sooner or later ( effort required). I have not seen the single needy student looking for the job for more than a month. If you are continuously applying online and walk in you would surely get it. Mostly Telecom companies like (Lebara and Lyca ( in summers hires students and mostly restaurant and Take ways does hire round the year.

  • Sim Card
  • Weekly Bus Pass
  • University Registration
  • Apply for National Insurance
  • Bank Account
  • Provisional Driving License
  • Job Portal Accounts (Register yourself)

Conclusion Above all mentioned task are for the initial 1 to 4 weeks. It takes time but ultimately varies with individual luck and effort. Students usually get panic and frustrated because of the unusual timeline but something has to get wrong . You can’t expect things happen perfectly. There could be an unusual delay in receiving any document which further delays preceding task. All you need is to stay calm and observe things and follow steps. Let’s make it clear this guideline is on the basis of stay in Manchester. Things are almost same in other cities like London, Liverpool , Birmingham, and other cities expect Transportation I believe. Otherwise rest almost same.

‘ You can meet negative people and their issues but keep that in mind it can happen with you but not exactly the same way. you may get compensation in various ways. Murphy is wrong, when Murphy can happen, Murphy will happen. So don’t worry. Things can go wrong with all but not in an exactly same way as with others.  #Informativearticle #Studentguide#UKstudents #Internationalstudentsguide

Most trusted and informative study guide for students intended to study in the UK in 2019/20

Cheapest traveler guide for Scotland

If you are planning to take a round of meadows in Scotland I will be going to have a quick review of my own experience in brief. No matter you are alone or a group of folks one always tends to save money instead of spending hugely on accommodation.  When I say saving money that does not primarily means sacrificing quality. Not at all. I used to think how can I get a round of Scotland in the minimum amount. I always wanted to cover maximum places without spending a night in 3,4 or 5 stars places. That literally saves huge I swear. If we talk about traveling we all have an idea hierarchy goes like by air, train and by road (either bus or car). There is no question about assuming of by air or by car as it does not make any sense if you are concerned about saving. So let’s talk about train and bus. If you want to save time then one can opt train by paying 20% to 40% more than a bus. But if you are good to go with the bus than its the best option to go for. To be honest you won’t get fully pack bus every time. Well, booking on Mega bus surprises you some time by offering you longest journey in £1 plus 50p booking fee that’s incredible but not happens much frequent. It did happen to me when I booked from Manchester to poly mouth I did buy the ticket but never went. That’s funny, though. Anyways besides mega bus, you can opt National express as well. conditions of both buses are almost same but yes mega buses have 2 stories but if you are not bothered about that it’s all right. I personally liked Mega bus because it has power socket lol. Well, let’s talk about living. If you want to save money then go for hostels. The offer starts from £15 to £40 per bed. So the cheapest of all. Hostel like the smart city has branches all over. Rooms quality is good, It offers 4 beds in 1 room attached washroom. Standard is adorable. It offers you sitting area and all necessary facilities which one usually require. So, in short, you 4 days and 3 nights journey which includes ( living + transport+ food) commenced in as low as £150 to £ 200 depending on your food. That’s how you can cover numerous places in low budget no matter you are alone or with folks its per person.

#travel #Scotland #Cheapest #Journey #savemoney