New PM Pakistan Imran Khan


Commitments New PM Pakistan did with his Nation

New Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to take oath on 11th August in Islamabad Pakistan. Different ambassadors have already called and congratulated him on his victory resulted in over 2 decades of struggle initiated in 1996 when he laid down foundation of his party PTI (Movement of Justice), struggled initially in getting sweeping mandate of people in past 4 elections however last time in 2013 he conceived 29 seats in National Assembly and also formed Government in KPK. He was on opposition benches for 5 years till General Elections 2018 where he claimed single largest part in federal National Assembly (seats 168) and also claimed 2 state governments  Punjab and kpk. He got a chance to govern largest state of Pakistan almost 65% people Punjab for the first time however in KPK people seems convinced and voted him more than 2013 and given a chance for the second time. They also claimed 20 seats in Sind where they will be on opposition benches against PPP led by Asif Ali Zardari. Lastlly they will form coalition government in Boluchistan.

PM Imran Khan promised nation he will steer them out of crises soon

People have high hopes from this new government. Also have seen that economical stability and trust gained in first week as Dollar plunges from 130 against Pak Rs to 123 in Open market result in 450 Billion decline in Debt.