Pakistan savage performance claimed 9 wickets victory against England in Lords

Mohammad Abbas is the man of the match for his eight wickets.

Wasim Akram is interpreting for him in response to Mike Atherton’s questions on Sky. Abbas said he was happy with the lengthy preparation and it helped him agree on the length he was going to bowl in the First Test at Lord’s. He adds that Glenn McGrath and Mohammad Asif are two his heroes and the bowlers he tries to emulate.

Signing off. England have been smashed by nine wickets by Pakistan inside 90 minutes on day four, a truly dreadful way to begin their international summer.

Vic Marks has popped out a quick match report on how it fell apart as soon as it began on Sunday morning, their final four wickets falling for seven runs. Pakistan – who were magnificent throughout – did the rest, collecting the 64 runs they needed in 12.4 overs.

Thanks for your company across the four days. We’ll be at Headingley on Friday to do it all again. Keep an eye out for pieces from Vic, Ali Martin and Andy Bull across the afternoon. Bye for now from Lord’s.

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