Ivanka Trump Breaks with the President

WASHINGTON — Ivanka Trump asked by the journalist as she appeared on Thursday to break step with two of the most contentious issues surrounding her father’s administration: What do you think on Trump’s Immigration Policy? She said the administration’s hard-line stance on immigration that resulted in separating children from their parents was a “low point” during her time in the White House. She asked Mr President thinks media is punitive, She disagreed with President Trump’s position that the press is the enemy of the people. Ivanka Breaks up with President


Are Journalists the Enemy of the People? Ivanka Trump Says They’re Not

When asked during an interview with the news site Axios whether she shared her father’s vitriol for the news media, Ms. Trump, a senior adviser to the president, said, “I do not.”

Mr. Trump feels the news media cover him unfavorably and has repeatedly complained about the press since his candidacy. He recently has ramped up his attacks, particularly in front of angry crowds of supporters at rallies and in his Twitter posts

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