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Only 1 follower on social media wont buy out of 10. read more

Only 1 follower will leave with empty cart out of 10 if,

It is often said crises comes up with some opportunity, we all know the crises businesses are facing explicitly Retail, Hotel, food and travel industry are observing unanticipated decline in sales and forced to either shut the brick and barter stores or furlough/ layoff employees. Customers are bound to opt digital medium to shop necessities or other essential shopping. It is a time for brands not to just sell to their customers but help them in shopping which will have long lasting impact on customers memory.

Every customers is expecting that his product list will be available online at the time he need it and never thought of out of stock or unavailable item. Customers who are linked with brands on social media and following there deals are most likely to buy those items at least 9/10 of the customers. Social sharing platforms that emphasize videos and photos, like YouTube and Instagram, have boosted their popularity among younger consumers. It was said by some tech mind giant in 2008 that in a span of few years the significance of data will be on the top which will force every brand to be on social media than anywhere else, so is all happened.


There are chances that 90% of the customers following brands on social media will buy product, mean 9/10

Turn this crises into opportunity, don’t just sell customer, help him out in shopping and turn him your loyal customer

Costco Brick and barter sales have declined due to observing Pandemic restrictions such as social distance, stay at home and primarily other industry such as travel, food, optical and hearing are not performing due to lock down. However Costco e-commerce sales have out performed by 88% as customers using digital platform to place orders during lock down.

Fly and stay in Dubai for free, Here is how?

Festival Season: An enticing festival cum shopping season has just kicked off worldwide explicitly in Gulf region. Every year Dubai host an event of shopping to attract shoppers from all around the world to come and avail huge bargains and discounts in the 3 day event that every year kicks off on 31st Oct and ends on 2nd Nov, 2019 in which around 500 brands intends to get ride of there stocks and puts all the new stuff on sale up to 90% cut price which includes wide range of fashion products, beauty products, Gold, House holds, electronics and Jewelry. This 3 Day Super Sales happens in around 2000 outlets in Dubai. It is known as the biggest Super Sale event in Retail Industry in Dubai which attracts people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other neighboring countries to fly to Dubai and avail this unicorn offer.

This 3 Day Super Sales happens in around 2000 outlets in Dubai. It is known as the biggest Super Sale event in Retail Industry in Dubai. offers 90% discount on wide range of products

We thought to share our customers last years experience that how did one of the customer manage to fly to Dubai free and shopped for 3 days and enjoyed some of the amazing and incredible annual discounts. Not only this he revealed that his 3 nights stay was also free.

Another customer shared their amazing experience that how they make the best use of annual sales season in Dubai for the consecutive second time. They managed to make the stay free as well. Last year one of the customer went for the shopping bought a basket which had gadgets, Household , Gold and Fashion products when she accumulate the discount she had received on the basket it was double the price she spend on ticket and visa processing charges and stay at hotel which even surprised her as well.

To make it more in simple words for people what the shoppers actually experienced during 3 day shopping was that if they accumulate the discount on the whole basket it sums up around 40% of the total value so lets assume if they shopped for $800 -$1000 value of the products on which they avail 40% discount than the net total they saved was approximately $250-$400 which they used for air ticket and 3 nights stay. Which is not at all a bad business

Fly and stay in Dubai from free by shopping at 3 day super sale event in Dubai. Worlds biggest Retail event . Here is the hack

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  • Make your stay and air flight to Dubai free
  • Shopping free in Dubai
  • Dubai Super Sale Season

Hospitality Inn is taken over by Four Points

Do not confuse Four Star Sheraton with Hospitality Inn

In Pakistan Hospitality is acquired by Four Points Sheraton subsidiary of Marriott Hotel. The acquisition is a part of Sheraton subsidiary of Marriott Hotel international global expansion strategy in 2019-2022. By taken over by Four Star Sheraton it is believed that not much restructuring is expected in work force though. Revised strategy of Four Star will be implemented through same work force with enhanced level of motivation to gain the better response.

Four Points by Sheraton is a brand of hotels targeted towards business travelers and small conventions. It is owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts, which is a subsidiary of Marriott International. As of March 31, 2019, the group operates 278 worldwide under the Four Points by Sheraton brand with 50,311 rooms.

Amazon Go making its way to.

Amazon extending its Amazon Go technology to commercial side for various reasons. What is this technology? Amazon has launched Amazon Go in various retail outlets in US which enhance customer shopping experience explicitly while check out. Long ques have always been an inevitable constraint for shoppers, they tends to change the store just to avoid long ques and delays in check out. Amazon Go addressed customers concern and launched its own stores with cash free check outs. Those stores and outlets allows customers to get the product from shelves and receipt from counter no cash transaction involved in the process. This has result great response from customers side Amazon Go claimed it.

  • Amazon opened its first Brick and Mortar in 2015
  • Amazon launched its Amazon Go store in Jan 2018
  • It will help spreading beyond Retail industry
  • Minimize online shopping dependency
  • Enhance corporate binding
  • enable them to interact with rivals
  • Also will lead to cloud Business

Now to extend this across various verticals f the business where Amazon facing entry constraints due to various reasons they have used this tool and revealed to extend this tech in commercial areas such as cinemas, airports and other public places. Cashier less shopping entice customers and enhance trust.

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US Retail, Forever 21 could not survive in Europe and Asia

One of the Top Fashion Retailer Forever 21 is winding up operations from Europe and Asia. Planning to halt operations of approximately 350 stores globally. Established in 1978 in US in pursuit of offering economical women accessories against competitors such as H&M and Zara. From overall 800 it will decline to 450 outlets in USA.

Escalating Customers shopping expectations forcing Retailers do more in all segments despite of limitations

It has filled up Chapter 11 protection postpones a US company’s obligations to its creditors, giving it time to reorganize its debts or sell parts of the business.”This does not mean that we are leaving business – on the contrary, filing for bankruptcy protection is a deliberate and decisive step to put us on a successful track for the future.”

Forever21 winding up operations from Europe could not deal with customers escalating demand