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Coca Cola part ways for branding on facebook

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg slipped down by few billions as social media platform Facebook is not a hotspot for most of the top brands for advertisements.

Lets focus on commercial perspective

Facebook owned application is finally joining the cash club as Mark Zuckerberg is not really interested to miss any kind of revenue generation tool so has finally approaching a plan to generate billions of dollars annually which it had acquired for $22 billion back in 2014. Most used messenger app nearly has $1.6 billion users can reach out each other via instant messenger through text and voice message. Whats App is a messaging app for smartphones created in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum

Whats app to extend to commercial zone finally


Zuckerberg suspended the push to introduce ads to the popular messaging app partly because Facebook wanted to avoid antagonizing regulators, according to people familiar with the matter. Facebook also feared angering WhatsApp users who valued the app’s emphasis on privacy and who resisted the idea of having their accounts tied to Facebook.

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Exclusive deals this Christmas Season

Get all deals updates about Thanks Giving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday

You may not have even finalized the Thanksgiving menu yet, and you’re certainly nowhere near ready to baste your roasted turkey, but the way we see it, it’s never too early to get excited for your favorite post-Turkey Day events: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019! After all, these two days collectively mark one of the year’s biggest sales, and promotions this huge only come around once. When the deals are gone, they’re gone.

Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving, but rather than restrict itself to one day, the event now goes on much longer, with early deals starting this month. The main Black Friday event kicks off the week before and runs right through the weekend to the Monday, now known as Cyber Monday. Who wants to miss all the exclusive deals on gadgets and households accessories? All you are supposed to do is to hold us and stay tuned so that you could not miss what normally people does. We have gathered 10 major online portals which are offering discount up to 90% on tech gadgets, households, accessories and all other men’s and women accessories. These are exclusive platforms and not every one is familiar with these portals.

The big high street chains and online retailers will be taking part in Black Friday 2019 –

Smart people are on high alert you know whats the reason? All the electronics stores are on high alert in the UK specially , stocks are over flowing and stores are not interested to accommodate escalating inventory so the only way to maintain this is by putting them on unicorn discount and make the customers hard to believe the discount price. Its all happening in all major Retail stores all across London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. There are back to back events lined up such as Black Friday, Thanks Giving and Christmas during all these events brands goes crazy like never in the whole year and gives an open way to customer not to worry about prices.

Black Friday falls on 29th November this year. The event began as a US tradition, and therefore always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is always the last Thursday in November. Cyber Monday follows on the first Monday after Black Friday every year so this year it’s on 2nd December.

Thanks Giving & Black Friday Deals

All the major Tech deals in UK on this Thanks Giving and Black Friday . Where to find the best deals on this Black Friday

Shoppers were left scrambling on Curry’s PC World’s website last night after a massive price glitch saw £289 i Pads on sale for just £4. The insanely cheap deal for the Apple product came on the same day the major Brit retailer’s Black Friday offers were launched. Currys PC World ran a series of early offers last year so it’s a good place to check in the lead up to Black Friday as well as on the day. Smartphones, games consoles and TVs are all likely targets for deals

All the top brands deals in UK and USA

One of the offers included a £30 discount on the 9.7 inch 2018 Apple iPad (32 GB), which should have applied when customers entered the code “FREE-CASE” at the checkout. But instead of knocking off a few quid, the code actually knocked hundreds of pounds off the price. Curry’s also lets you create your own Black Friday Wish List on its website so you can track the products you want throughout the event. We’ll also be adding the best deals to this page, so remember to check back in the lead up to Black Friday.

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Best 5 apps successful Entrepreneurs and Startups preferred

Startup major Nightmares, 85% of the entrepreneur could not start just because of fear of failing and idea execution constraints. Beside all planning , strategy and other mandatory phases the most important thing entrepreneurs have to keep reminding themselves through out the roller coaster journey is one simple thing , when you spend few months and goes though the roller coaster of events instead of giving up in such odd moments you should review the same piece of paper deposited at the start of the journey to retrieve the same motivation you had in the start. That helps to stay focus, dedicated and prevail the intention to move on.

if you are a one man army, in such scenario Starting a new business can be a rewarding adventure. That said, entrepreneurs are faced with hundreds of tasks as they endeavor to gather and manage resources whilst trying to maintain communication with clients and team members, reach new clients, manage accounts and so much more. So here are five apps (some also platforms) that enable you as an entrepreneurs to better manage time, control finances, boost productivity  build a strong relationship with Customers, basic designing platform and other go get practices.

85% Startups using these apps to optimize Business

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1.Mint streamlines your payments

When it comes to managing money it’s often one of the areas that entrepreneurs catastrophically fail especially at an early stage. This mismanagement of money (usually out of control expenses) can be a major problem for any fledgling business.This is where Mint comes in, allowing you to create budgets and manage expenses in one simple app that’s easy to use. It offers a single platform that displays how much money is available, plus what is due and when – enabling entrepreneurs to better manage finances anywhere at any time. Additionally, the app features:

2.Buffer extends your SM exposure

Social media is a vital component of any modern entrepreneurs marketing plan; this is especially true for startup/ early-stage tech companies who typically focus on building large social followings (because it’s mostly free). However, when it comes to managing social media marketing and profiles on the many social media platforms there are, businesses often fall and fail to engage or provide interesting and relevant content consistently. There is often debate which one is better Hoot suite or Buffer so you may check the comparison

3. Wunder list

Now to a pure application! Wunder list is a popular to-do list app for a good reason. It offers more than a simple to-do checks off the list. This app allows you to handle with ease both small and large tasks. If you’re working in a team, you can also assign tasks to team members and set due dates where reminders will alert users about the approaching deadline (enabling team members to stay on schedule and allowing you to track). There is a debate about Wunder list and Trello which one is better in terms of features so you may have a look

4. Canva enables you to do basic designing

Like many early-stage entrepreneurs, struggle in designing region and they think they have not left with any other option beside out sourcing the project or getting task done by some freelancer. But this million dollar website has solved one of the complex issue for startups and entrepreneur. It wont let you stuck anywhere and you don’t have to wait for designers for designing small flyers, posters, Facebook covers, Instagram post, web cover photo. Canva offers you diverse services and makes you independent. I simply loved the freedom and in dependency Canva gave me. It is so friendly to use, sections are as simple as you imagine, very clearly mention different segments which helps you what to do and how to do.

5. Mail Chimp enhances your customers relationship

Its an amazing free platform to reach out your customers through seasonal marketing campaigns. It gives you option to design your poster, add recipients list of customers and shoot an email and make your self alive in the mail box. There are 4 free marketing tools which allows you to develop and design your campaign and spread over social media. Other free software from marketing campaign are send in blue also offers your free plan, Zoho Marketing campaign platform has same purpose and also offer free plan to reach out the customers. Constant Contact, AWeber and GetResponse are also available platforms offer initial free plans to reach out to customers . So we have almost 6 mailing platforms that offers free marketing campaign but they all have different ways and tricks to develop and execute marketing campaigns.

Practical and extremely economical Power adapter for startups or corporate meetings , Plug and play power adapter gadget. Plug in Single power outlet and use 7 outlets purposefully.

Christmas Holidays travel essentials under $100

Every third person travels during holiday season which makes the months of Oct-Dec so busy in every aspect whether is booking for the hotels or flights for air travel. Approximately 76% of the people tends to book holidays in June and July to avoid these over bookings and hustle. You may get to know good discount offers and secret travel deals to make your holidays notable. On the other hand 62% of the travelers made some common mistakes which ultimately effects there holidays. Destination may not impact as much as leaving some thing necessary which has a huge role to play in such holidays trip. 68% of the travelers revealed that these electronic gadgets are extremely useful during traveling and somehow you need them at any time. So lets have a look at holidays travel essentials under $100

View your $100 travel Gadgets basket

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Huawei, flagship smart phone will not have this

Huawei users Globally and in China will have different response to this tech news from Chinese tech giant. As they are launching their next flagship smartphone in coming month and that will be quite different than its precedent smart phones.

Interestingly Chinese users of Huawei wont be surprised as they have their own apps alternative to google, you tube, google maps and various other android based apps which they are using and do not even familiar of android and google apps unless they visit out of China they realize world is up to many other digital apps. Interestingly Huawie officials told they may use same OS instead Huawie newly launched Harmony.

Related image

Huawei itself knows this fact that 50% of the users are Chinese based and wont be affected but their continuous effort is for global users based in the rest of the world. They do not want to lose there brand positioning they achieved in the recent years as they were hardly in top 10 ranking in smart phone manufacturers list but with advance and innovative tech strategy they claimed 2nd position in smart phone manufacturing list which is indeed a great milestone.

Huawei Flagship smartphone will not have google and android apps for users