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Airspace is utterly vacant, Planes are grounded but where?

Global Airspace is vacant due to on going global crises, travel industry has been effected just like any other industry facing unanticipated crises. Why global airspace is vacant and where are all the planes parked now a days when airports and runways cant accommodate all the planes at once? Continue reading Airspace is utterly vacant, Planes are grounded but where?

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Christmas Travel Bucket 2019

Christmas season is just at he door step and holiday makers and travelers have already booked places and flights to enjoy this year Christmas season at some special spots around Europe. You may need to know such places before its too late. Grab great discount and travel offers and demand is escalating every minute Continue reading Christmas Travel Bucket 2019

Germany, I am an EXPAT

Germany is an attractive destination for many tourists and international students but still prospects are misinformed about the facts and trends in Germany. This blog gives an opportunity for prospect students , business people and job seekers to read this and view links which will give you true information about Germany, universities, programs and system in Germany. All you need to know about Germany Continue reading Germany, I am an EXPAT