Currently, top the World Rugby rankings, Wales will be confident of retaining their No.1 spot when they go head-to-head with the Irish at the Principality Stadium. The Rugby World Cup warm-up match starts at 2.30pm and is live on Channel 4.

Two other summer internationals are on the agenda this weekend. France host Italy in Paris on Friday 30 August (8.10pm) and on Saturday Scotland travel to Tbilisi to face Georgia (5pm, live on Premier Sports).

The 2019 Rugby World Cup begins on 20 September.

2019 international rugby union calendar

2019 summer fixtures and results (RWC warm-up matches)
  • 10 August: Ireland 29 Italy 10
  • 11 August: England 33 Wales 19
  • 17 August: New Zealand 36 Australia 0
  • 17 August: Wales 13 England 6
  • 17 August: South Africa 24 Argentina 18
  • 17 August: Italy 85 Russia 15
  • 17 August: France 32 Scotland 3
  • 24 August: Scotland 17 France 14
  • 24 August: England 57 Ireland 15
  • 30 August: France vs. Italy (8.10pm; Stade de France, Paris)
  • 31 August: Wales vs. Ireland (2.30pm; Principality Stadium, Cardiff; live on Channel 4)
  • 31 August: Georgia vs. Scotland (5pm; Dinamo Arena, Tbilisi; live on Premier Sports)
  • 6 September: Japan vs. South Africa (11.15am)
  • 6 September: Scotland vs. Georgia (7.30pm; BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh; live on Premier Sports)
  • 6 September: England vs. Italy (7.45pm; St James’ Park, Newcastle; live on Sky Sports)
  • 7 September: New Zealand vs. Tonga (3.35am)
  • 7 September: Australia vs. Samoa (10.30am)
  • 7 September: Ireland vs. Wales (2pm; Aviva Stadium, Dublin; live on Channel 4)
2019 Rugby Championship results
  • 20 July: South Africa 35 Australia 17
  • 20 July: Argentina 16 New Zealand 20
  • 27 July: New Zealand 16 South Africa 16
  • 27 July: Australia 16 Argentina 10
  • 10 August: Australia 47 New Zealand 26
  • 10 August: Argentina 13 South Africa 46
Japan v South Africa Rugby World Cup

2019 Rugby World Cup

  • When: 20 September to 2 November
  • Where: 12 locations across Japan
  • Teams: 20
  • Number of matches: 48
  • UK TV channel: live on ITV

RWC fixtures

All times below are UK and matches are live on ITV.

Pool A: Japan, Russia, Ireland, Scotland, Samoa
  • 20 September: Japan vs. Russia (11.45am; Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo)
  • 22 September: Ireland vs. Scotland (8.45am; International Stadium, Yokohama)
  • 24 September: Russia vs. Samoa (11.15am; Kumagaya Rugby Grounds, Kumagaya)
  • 28 September: Japan vs. Ireland (8.15am; Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, Shizuoka)
  • 30 September: Scotland vs. Samoa (11.15am; Kobe Misaki Stadium, Kobe)
  • 3 October: Ireland vs. Russia (11.15am; Kobe Misaki Stadium, Kobe)
  • 5 October: Japan vs. Samoa (11.30am; City of Toyota Stadium, Aichi)
  • 9 October: Scotland vs. Russia (8.15am; Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, Shizuoka)
  • 12 October: Ireland vs. Samoa (11.45am; Hakatanomori Football Stadium, Fukuoka)
  • 13 October: Japan vs. Scotland (11.45am; International Stadium, Yokohama)
Pool B: New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Namibia, Canada
  • 21 September: New Zealand vs. South Africa (10.45am; International Stadium, Yokohama)
  • 22 September: Italy vs. Namibia (6.15am; Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Osaka)
  • 26 September: Italy vs. Canada (8.45am; Hakatanomori Football Stadium, Fukuoka)
  • 28 September: South Africa vs. Namibia (10.45am; City of Toyota Stadium, Aichi)
  • 2 October: New Zealand vs. Canada (Oita Stadium, Oita)
  • 4 October: South Africa vs. Italy (10.45am; Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, Shizuoka)
  • 6 October: New Zealand vs. Namibia (5.45am; Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo)
  • 8 October: South Africa vs. Canada (11.45am; Kobe Misaki Stadium, Kobe)
  • 12 October: New Zealand vs. Italy (5.45am; City of Toyota Stadium, Aichi)
  • 13 October: Namibia vs. Canada (4.15am; Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, Kamaishi)
Pool C: France, Argentina, England, Tonga, USA
  • 21 September: France vs. Argentina (8.15am; Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo)
  • 22 September: England vs. Tonga (11.15am; Sapporo Dome, Sapporo)
  • 26 September: England vs. USA (11.45am; Kobe Misaki Stadium, Kobe)
  • 28 September: Argentina vs. Tonga (5.45am; Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Osaka)
  • 2 October: France vs. USA (8.45am; Hakatanomori Football Stadium, Fukuoka)
  • 5 October: England vs. Argentina (9am; Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo)
  • 6 October: France vs. Tonga (8.45am; Kumamoto Prefectural Athletic Stadium, Kumamoto)
  • 9 October: Argentina vs. the USA (5.45am; Prefectural Kumagaya Rugby Grounds, Kumagaya)
  • 12 October: England vs. France (9.15am; International Stadium, Yokohama)
  • 13 October: USA vs. Tonga (6.45am; Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Osaka)
Pool D: Australia, Fiji, Wales, Georgia, Uruguay
  • 21 September: Australia vs. Fiji (5.45am; Sapporo Dome, Sapporo)
  • 23 September: Wales vs. Georgia (11.15am; City of Toyota Stadium, Aichi)
  • 25 September: Fiji vs. Uruguay (6.15am; Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, Kamaishi)
  • 29 September: Georgia vs. Uruguay (6.15am; Prefectural Kumagaya Rugby Grounds, Kumagaya)
  • 29 September: Australia vs. Wales (8.45am; Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo)
  • 3 October: Georgia vs. Fiji (6.15am; Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Osaka)
  • 5 October: Australia vs. Uruguay (6.15am; Oita Stadium, Oita)
  • 9 October: Wales vs. Fiji (10.45am; Oita Stadium, Oita)
  • 11 October: Australia vs. Georgia (11.15am; Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, Shizuoka)
  • 13 October: Wales vs. Uruguay (9.15am; Kumamoto Prefectural Athletic Stadium, Kumamoto)
Rugby World Cup quarter-finals
  • 19 October: Winner Pool C vs. Runner Up Pool D (8.15am; Oita Stadium, Oita)
  • 19 October: Winner Pool B vs. Runner Up Pool A (11.15am; Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo)
  • 20 October: Winner Pool D vs. Runner Up Pool C (8.15am; Oita Stadium, Oita)
  • 20 October: Winner Pool A vs. Runner Up Pool B (11.15am; Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo)
Rugby World Cup semi-finals
  • 26 October: Winner QF1 vs. Winner QF2 (9am; International Stadium, Yokohama)
  • 27 October: Winner QF3 vs. Winner QF4 (9am; International Stadium, Yokohama)
Rugby World Cup bronze medal match
  • 1 November: Loser SF1 vs. Loser SF2 (9am; Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo)
2019 Rugby World Cup final
  • 2 November: Winner SF1 vs. Winner SF2 (9am; International Stadium, Yokohama)

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