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The 2019 Cricket World Cup began in May and will end on July 14. England beat South Africa in the very first match of the group stages on May 30.

Each team will play each other over the course of the first five weeks with the top four making it through to the semi-finals in July.

You can keep up to date with the table and latest standings here throughout the tournament.

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Pakistan embarked there lowest total in the mega event

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Cricket World Cup 2019 is happening and fans and lovers are excited and supporting teams. The thing that has a huge impact on the end result of any event is the weather. Regardless of the team capability and past performance weather impacts positioned the teams equally. We have seen a couple of affected matches and we are expected some thrilling contest will have the same impact due to weather in the coming days. the questions arise was the ICC aware of the fact and weather forecast or they were bound to make such decisions due to some limitations? Is it wise to bring such limitations in between sports and make people feel weird and wasted? Who does not know the weather conditions of the UK?

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