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I love hunting out the hidden gems of Europe, the places still waiting for the crowds to descend and those destinations that unexpectedly capture your heart. If you are like me and would rather point to a random village called Arisaig on a map and head there on a whim, then this list, my friends, is for you.

The other magical thing about exploring Europe is how easy it is to get between the smaller destinations thanks to the extensive bus and rail connections available, especially given buses can sometimes be the best way to reach the hidden gems of Europe.

Europe is surely one of the best and preferred location for travellers due to many reasons. The most attractive attribute it has is that you don’t have to get a visa every time instead just once. Secondly, all the countries are close to each other that reduces travelling time hence travelling cost. So keeping all those factors in view we have listed down some sites which are highly recommended for travellers to go through them and plan their journey at cheap rates. Students usually avail these deals as such deals are economical and fall under budget.

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