Northern Rail can take you anywhere in the UK in just 2p: Flash sale

Northern Rail has turned people in Manchester just crazy or it won’t be wrong to say Northern Rail spread huge chaos in travelers explicitly their potential customers by putting up something unusual and unexpected. It’s just hard to believe that from Manchester to North Wales and plenty of other destinations at just 10p that’s insane for adults and 5p for children.

The sale started today (August 19), and is offering 80,000 reduced-price tickets, which are valid on journeys taken between 1-30 September.

How will you get it?

It’s not that simple in fact, not every customer will get it. Its a hack in fact, while booking your ticket you have to spent some time and keep an eye on fares for few hours when you multiple times search and check the fares any point of time you may hit that flash sale. So let’s assume if you search for 20 times for the same locations or different you may come across but you should be doing it multiple times and if you just do it once and expect to hit flash sale fare price well that’s not the case. You may try that’s your luck

With the news that rail fares are set to increase by 2.8% next year still fresh in people’s minds, Northern Rail has just come up with the perfect remedy – a 10p flash sale.

By the way its not the lowest one, in past Britain’s have enjoyed 2 p flash anywhere in the UK and that was from Mega Bus flash sale offer, and it has the same way to get it unlike traditional search. All such flash sales can not be found in one search. You usually get such discount deals with continuous effort.

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How to get cheap tickets

The massive deal applies to standard advance tickets bought online and through the Northern app. You must travel on the date and service shown on your ticket – and railcard discounts do not apply. For more information or to buy the cheap tickets, head to the Northern website.

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