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Around 300 million online users at risk amid info leaked

American online users, stay alert and stay extremely vigilant as records of approximately 276 million online users mostly Americans has been spread out on the dark web and users are frequently getting calls and mails about various scams deals.

Information leaked from Facebook profiles most of the online users based in US

The Database includes ID’s, contact information, full names and some physical address and most of the users are based in states. the information has been extracted from Facebook profiles and extended to unknown Database from where users are getting unusual calls about various scam deals and promotion amid Christmas Holidays.

Worldwide online users to stay alert as information leaked to Dark web

Origin of this scam has been said to be linked from Vietnam officials believes the trove of Data is probably fake scraping operation or Facebook API violation by criminals . Information was leaked on Dec 4 and been observed until Dec 19.

Uber in Toronto charged customer $14000 for just 5 miles amid drivers mistake

An Uber rider in downtown Toronto was charged 18,518 Canadian dollars, or about 14,378 American dollars, on Friday for a ride that was five miles and 21 minutes long. All just a mistake, Uber has said.

The mistake, apparently, was the driver, an Uber spokesperson told the CBC.

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Interestingly customer initially agreed to pay $14 grand for 5 miles and 21 minutes drive

Uber says the ride in question took place in a traditional taxi cab signed up to the ride-hailing service — an option available to customers in Toronto — and that the driver made a mistake when entering the details of the fare into his cab’s meter.

The refund only came after someone who said they were a friend of the passenger tweeted out the receipts.

What I sort of can’t believe is that the passenger initially agreed to pay the money at all, necessitating the refund. Paying fourteen grand with the hope that you’ll be able to settle up later with Uber takes some faith.

Gaps between Trump promises and actual policies are expanding: White House

These are not the only instances in which Mr. Trump’s expansive language has not been matched by his actions during this opening phase of his presidency. On immigration, diplomatic relations with Cuba and international accords like the North American Free Trade Agreement and a separate trade pact with South Korea, he has denounced decisions made by Mr. Obama or other previous presidents without fully reversing them

“The gap between President Trump’s ambitious promises and actual policies is large and growing,” said William C. Inboden, a White House aide under President George W. Bush and now executive director of the William P. Clements Jr. Center for History, Strategy, and Statecraft at the University of Texas.

“This is weakening the institution of the presidency itself, which becomes diminished when presidents over promise and under deliver, or when responsibilities normally handled by the president become habitually shirked to Congress or other nations.”

“I am not surprised because Donald Trump is not an ideologue, he’s a realist and a pragmatist,” said Christopher Ruddy, chief executive of Newsmax Media and a friend of the president’s. “During the campaign, he staked out some very strong positions maybe as a negotiating start point, or in other cases, they were based on the facts he had at the time.”

In the end, he may wind up taking the more sweeping actions — he may yet pull the United States out of Nafta or the Iran deal. He may yet let the program for younger immigrants expire early next year. He has repeatedly talked about “letting Obamacare fail,” which his latest steps may accelerate.

“There is now a new and scary spring in his step,” Mr. Kupchan said. “He could be entering a new phase involving fuller takedowns of agreements and institutions. The Iran deal and Nafta are bellwether cases. What’s really interesting is that he fired his chief revolutionary, Steve Bannon, but seems on the verge of taking on that role himself.”

Another at the US Open would set another Open-time record

Besides, the furious grunts of the world’s best tennis players are set to join the Big Apple’s city group as play in the 137th US Open starts Aug. 28.

After an emphatic start, the momentum of the ATP World Tour’s ballyhooed Next Gen stars ended up a bit poo-pooed by the time this US Open concluded.

There was Andrey Rublev, 19 years young and the sole representative of that #NextGen clan in the men’s quarterfinal round.

US Open

Among American ranks, another 19-year-old upstart, Frances Tiafoe, came to play against Roger Federer, giving the Swiss Mister a run for it over five sets in a display of impressive shotmaking that saw experience ultimately win out

Federer himself saw a simpler couple rounds after that, facing down a pair of relative peers, two 35-year-olds in Mikhail Youzhny and Feliciano Lopez, to make the fourth round. Tiafoe gave him the best fight of that lot, and with his showing against a player nearly twice his age, we know that these kids will be quite all right

To set you up for two weeks of tennis bliss, WalletHub explored the multifaceted points of interest of America’s major, from the principal server to the champions’ Goliath checks. Everything considered, there’s never any absence of storylines ricocheting around the hard courts of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

Underneath, you will find an infographic stacked with US Open fun substances, trailed by the ace talk on the state of the overall tennis industry and desires for the 2017’s victors. We take a gander at some details and realities encompassing the 2017 US Open – and get some related specials estimated up by Sky Bet’s RequestABet plot. Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, and Jimmy Connors presently hold the record for most Open-period US Open men’s singles titles with five each. Federer will be seeking his 94th vocation title at the US Open, If effective he will join Ivan Lendl in second place on the Open-time titles list. Connors drives it with 109. Federer is looking to finish the Australian Open-Wimbledon-US Open treble for the fourth time in his profession (likewise accomplished in 2004, 2006 and 2007)

In the event that Federer wins the title, he will set another Open-period record for a time amongst first and last titles at the US Open. It is as of now claimed by Sampras who won in 1990 and 2002. Federer won his first US Open in 2004 yet hasn’t won it since 2008. Federer will likewise set another Open-time age record on the off chance that he wins the current year’s title – no 36-year-old has ever won the US Open. Ken Rosewall won in 1970 at 35 years old.

Federer to win the US Open – 13/8

For whatever length of time that he doesn’t pull back, Federer will set another record for Grand Slam primary draw appearances at the US Open – it will be his 71st, beating Fabrice Santoro’s previous check.

Rafael Nadal has 219 Grand Slam coordinate wins and could pass both Lendl (222) and Andre Agassi (224) on that rundown at the current year’s US Open.

                                     Nadal to achieve R4 (beat Lendl’s stamp) – 1/4

                                Nadal to achieve the last (beat Agassi’s check) – 2/1

Federer and Nadal have met 37 times (the third most-played men’s match of the Open time) however never at the US Open. The last Grand Slam with no individual from the Big 4 in the semi-finals was the 2004 French Open (Gaudio, Coria, Nalbandian, Henman). 45 of last 50 Slams have been won by individuals from the Big 4 (Federer, Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray).

Federer has won 10 coordinates in his profession from two sets down. Another at the US Open would set another Open-time record.

Elon Musk is striving for the best he could

What comes in your mind as you think of some one who strives to make this planet sustainable for coming generations. The man who intends to swap everything that hurts planet with the one that enhances planet life anyway. Yes, Elon Reeve Musk is an American business visionary, creator, and speculator. He is best referred to for his part as CEO of electric-auto producer Tesla Motors and as a fellow benefactor of online cash exchange framework PayPal, and of business space program SpaceX. He has dipped himself in various projects whether you name PayPal or Tesla, Hyperloop or Space X.

His one of the project, he is focused on is to build a network of underground transport of dedicated track which is under pilot test in California.


Elon was born in South Africa, where he spent his youth and youthfulness. He was raised fundamentally by his dad, who was an architect. Elon wound up plainly inspired by PCs at a youthful age and started programming in his teenagers. After secondary school, Elon immigrated to Canada, where he went to school, and later exchanged to the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. When he was 24, he got just days into Ph.D. learns at Stanford University when he chose to leave and begin the first of what turned into a progression of multi-million-dollar business wanders with his brother, he began Zip2 with just $2,000, an organization that helped other people post substance, for example, maps and index postings.

Elon Musk is essentially known for the part he played in establishing the broadly known electronic cash exchange site Paypal.com. In spite of the fact that the organization been the subject of a few contentions, it remains the most confined in the medium for Internet business. Nowadays, Musk applies a similar creative energy and capacity to advance that he used to make PayPal a win to his authority of Tesla Motors, of which he is by and by the director. The little car producer seems, by all accounts, to be on the precarious edge of significant leaps forward the business, looking to make usable, pragmatic electric autos that can really rival gas controlled vehicles. Musk, a designer, has had a necessary influence in the improvement of the organization’s leader vehicle, the Tesla Roadster.



Musk posted the photo on his Instagram account and from that point forward it is making a buzz in tech and logical circles. The photo demonstrates a man wearing the suit and is standing appropriate by the crew dragon case — a space vehicle which the organization is making to send space travelers to international space station. A while back, SpaceX and Boeing held hands with NASA in a cost-sparing organization to give a help and more affordable go to the ISS for their Commercial Crew Program.


Spacesuit looks cool and smooth. The primary full-body picture uncovers the gloves, grasp what’s more, boots outline for the first run through. The boot looks lightweight — meaning it will help space explorers amid portability. In addition, at a more intensive look, there are dark cushioned ranges at the back of space suit’s shirt and gasp, which may be intended to give solace to space explorers while they sit in the case.


The suit looks more like a defensive suit of expert bikers rather than a space suit. Be that as it may, it won’t be utilized for spacewalks yet will be worn by space explorers while they are in the case. Moreover, it will secure space explorers in the event of loss of lodge weight in-flight. The space suit is not a mockup rather it has been tried in twofold vacuum weight and is in working condition.


Musk said that he will release more data with respect to the space suit soon