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PM Pakistan intends to make house in order, will skip UN session Sep 18

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan will skip next month’s United Nations General Assembly session to focus his attention on the country’s economy, said his foreign minister.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi will head the Pakistani delegation at 73rd U.N. General Assembly session set to open on September 18.

“No, the prime minister is not going. I will lead Pakistani delegation,” Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told reporters on Tuesday evening.

There was a debate in Pakistan whether the new prime minister would attend the U.N. session or stay home as part of his austerity drive and focus on economic issues.

“The prime minister of Pakistan thinks that the present situation in country needs attention,” Qureshi told the media.

He said Khan wants to focus on his new government, sworn in earlier this month, and a looming currency crisis which threatens to derail the fast-growing economy.

Pakistan’s economy expanded at 5.8 percent in the last fiscal year, its quickest pace in 13 years, but the rupee currency has been devalued four times since December. Interest rates have been raised three times.

Pak cant be ‘scapegoat’ for Afghanistan’s bloodshed: PM intimated in UN 71st session

A month after US President Donald Trump warned Islamabad against providing safe havens to terrorists, Pakistan’s prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Thursday said that it cannot be a “scapegoat” for Afghanistan’s bloodshed and refused to endorse any “failed strategy” that will prolong the suffering of the people in the region.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, Abbasi did not explicitly criticise US president Donald Trump’s new strategy on Afghanistan but made clear his displeasure with the renewed onus on Pakistan and claimed that there are no Taliban safe havens in his country.

“Having suffered and sacrificed so much due to our role in the global counter terrorism campaign, it is especially galling for Pakistan to be blamed for the military or political stalemate in Afghanistan,” Abbasi said.

“We are not prepared to be anyone’s scapegoat. Taliban ‘safe havens’ are located not in Pakistan but in the large tracts of territory controlled by the Taliban in Afghanistan,” he said

Yes, cross-border attacks do occur. These are mostly conducted by anti-Pakistan terrorists from ‘safe havens’ across the border. To end all cross-border attacks we ask the Afghanistan government and the Coalition to support and complement Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to strengthen border controls and monitor all movement across it,” Abbasi said.

However, he said that what Pakistan is not prepared to do is to fight the Afghanistan war on Pakistan’s soil. “Nor can it endorse any failed strategy that will prolong and intensify the suffering of the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan and other regional countries,” Abbasi said in an apparent rebuttal of Trump’s new South Asia policy.

Abbasi said that 27,000 Pakistanis have been killed by extremists since the launch of the US war on terror after the 11 September, 2001 attacks.

Abbasi called for a priority on eliminating extremists, including from the Islamic State group and Al-Qaeda, in Afghanistan but ultimately a political solution with the Taliban









Top 10 global news everyone should be savvy

1: Singapore-China binds great yet need to stay aware of the circumstances: PM Lee Hsien Loong

XIAMEN – Singapore’s association with China is in a decent state, and China’s pioneers need the two nations to accomplish all the more together, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. In the meantime, the relationship is changing as China creates, and Singapore’s part needs to change too for this relationship to remain important, he told columnists at the finish of his three-day official visit to China.

Global News 590

2: North Korea Mocks Trump U.N Speech

North Korea’s best representative has called US President Donald Trump’s discourse to the UN “the sound of a barking dog”.

Addressing the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Mr. Trump said he would “thoroughly devastate” North Korea on the off chance that it represented a danger to the US or its partners.

Remote Minister Ri Yong-ho’s remarks were North Korea’s first official reaction to the discourse. The North has kept on building up its atomic and weapons programs, in resistance of a UN boycott.

3: Blocked aid shipment to Rohingya by Myanmar demonstrators in Rakhine

Many Buddhists in Myanmar endeavored to obstruct of of help to Muslims in Rakhine state where the United Nations has blamed the military for ethnic purging, with a witness saying dissidents tossed oil bombs before police scattered them by terminating into the air. The shipment, being sorted out by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), was destined for the north of the state where guerilla assaults on Aug. 25 started a military kickback.

The viciousness has sent more than 420,000 Rohingya Muslims escaping to neighboring Bangladesh however many stays in Myanmar, stowing away in dread of being made up for lost time in more savagery without sustenance and different supplies, help laborers accept.

4: North Korea fired a missile over Japan

North Korea launched a missile over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido Friday. The dispatch is the second to fly over Japan in under a month, and the first since North Korea’s 6th atomic test and new United Nations endorses on the nation.

North Korean state media still can’t seem to reference the dispatch, however, a critique distributed in the Rodong Sinmun daily paper Friday said: “regardless of how solid the weight is, it doesn’t take a shot at us.”

5: Australian base-jumper injured after crashing into a building  in Malaysia

An Australian base-jumper collided with the glass board of Wisma Sanyan amid a trial hop, however, endured just minor wounds. The occurrence caused fear among other jumpers of the Sibu International Base Jump and also individuals from the general population.

The jumper, recognized just as Gary, 32, had jumped from the best floor of Wisma Sanyan at 8 am on Thursday (Sept 21), 126m over the area of collision.

6: protest against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

Thousands held energizes over the Philippines yesterday in the greatest challenge so far against what they see as a slide towards tyrant run under President Rodrigo Duterte.

No less than 12,000 radical activists walked towards a memorable scaffold prompting Malacanang, the seat of government, to censure Mr. Duterte’s strategies and activities that they said reflected those of the late Philippine tyrant Ferdinand Marcos.

The activists later set out toward a sprawling open stop in the capital Manila where they were joined by another 10,000 or so nonconformists. As night fell and notwithstanding a substantial storm, their number swelled to 30,000.

Responding to the challenges, Mr. Duterte’s representative Ernesto Abella stated: “This is an advantageous time for those in the legislature to hear the voice of the administered as a feature of our endeavors to maintain the most noteworthy measures of good administration. The occasion is a solid exercise in majority rules system.”

7: China raised high-speed bullet train in Shanghai line after 6 years of crash

The most extreme speed of trains running on China’s fast rail line amongst Beijing and Shanghai was on Thursday reestablished to 350 kilometers for every hour, neighborhood media detailed.China’s rapid rail organize is the biggest on the planet, and seen by Beijing as an image of their enhanced wellbeing measures set up, the green light was given for the speed climb on the most recent era “Fuxing” trains that went into operation in June on the Beijing-Shanghai course. The higher best speed implies travel time will be sliced by around 20 minutes to four and a half hours. nation’s progress.

8:’Pakistan Girl’ out to fight unite and brutality

Pakistan’s most up to date female hero has pledged to fight degenerate authorities and secure battered ladies, as her maker tries to move the cutting edge to battle against shamefulness in a profoundly man-centric culture.

The new Pakistan Girl comic arrangement depends on Sarah, an ordinary young person with a pet feline who finds she has superhuman powers in the wake of waking from a trance-like state caused by an impact in her town.

Wearing a green cape, Pakistan’s national shading, the hero whips a man beating a lady in a market and spares a young lady kidnapped by a payoff looking for a cop in the arrangement’s first comic book discharged this late spring.

9: Syria’s civil war: Raqqa faces destructive ‘flood’ from US-drove coalition

More than 430 regular folks likely passed on in August by US-drove coalition activities in hostile to ISIL push in Syrian city, says Airways. At regular intervals a month ago, a bomb, rocket or shell was shot in the Syrian city of Raqqa by a US-drove coalition doing combating ISIL, bringing about no less than 433 likely nonmilitary personnel passings. Airways, a gathering following regular citizen passings in Russian and US-drove coalition air attacks in Syria and Iraq, said on Wednesday that the US-drove powers dropped a sum of 5,775 bombs, shells, and rockets with the help of an organization together of Kurdish and Arab warriors on the ground progressing into the city.

10: Tremendous 5.7  magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia – starting Bali tidal wave fears

The shudder was first measured at a 6.0 size by the USGS after it struck around 60.8 miles (98km) north-upper east of Kemeduran at midnight on Thursday. As per neighborhood climate benefits, the shudder could start a torrent on the close-by island of Bali, yet this has not been affirmed by experts.

In spite of the fact that an official tidal wave cautioning has not been issued, local people living close Mount Agung well of lava were purportedly observed clearing their homes. Authorities fear the expanded the seismic movement could start the emission of Mount Agung fountain of liquid magma.