What to expect from festive season this year?

Online sales have escalated during this pandemic quite unanticipated its for the same reason everyone knows #Covid19 changed out life styles and habits, so is consumer buying behavior. In US auto vendors are offering touch less free auto buying or curb side buying which means paper work online and keys can be delivered at door or on curbside. What to expect from this year festival … Continue reading What to expect from festive season this year?

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10 shocking facts of USA Retail Industry

Retail Industry norms vary from country to country. How Retail Industry in US works is way to different than rest of the world. I had a chance to experience that in England, Dubai , Asia and this time its USA. After few months of stay in USA, i realized its a huge trap for customer despite of knowing that you actually don’t need that you … Continue reading 10 shocking facts of USA Retail Industry

Mystery Shopping

Applicants Required We are looking for people aged 18 – 45 interested in joining our project for Mystery Shopping. Brands included in the project are from Retail industry, Food industry, Restaurants, and Hospitality industry. All those people interested in taking part in our coming project starting from July till September may fill the form given below   Get Discount Vouchers and best Deals Continue reading Mystery Shopping

Amazon has taken over.

The US-based agency conducted research to evaluate the buying behavior of customers and how much a consumer willing to pay to a particular brand when it comes to shop. It means a lot for brands to identify customer behavior and formulate strategies accordingly. This year in the survey Amazon has broken the longstanding reign of Apple and Google to become the world’s most valuable brand worth … Continue reading Amazon has taken over.