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Best smartphone 2017

Despite having different brands, different designs, and slightly different feature sets (plus, unfortunately, different bloatware), the flagship handsets released in any year are basically the same. Their beautifully designed bodies hide pretty much the same hardware configuration, using the same chips provided by the same manufacturers, with a few exceptions – like Samsung’s home-grown Exynos, Huawei’s Kirin, and the MediaTek chips showing up in various handsets on the lower end of the spectrum. But there are some devices that have something special about them, not necessarily going against the mainstream but coming up with features or systems that stand out of the crowd. Here are some of them released in 2017.

Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi has many mainstream handsets from the highest-performance to the most affordable models, enough to make it one of the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in the world. But it has more interesting ones as well – one of them is the Mi A1, the first handset to offer Google’s Android One.

Android One is basically the stock Android operating system with no additional software. It is a streamlined phone featuring Google’s services and nothing else, no unnecessary apps, a clean design, easy to navigate and customize. The handset, released earlier this year, has a pretty decent hardware (an octa-core Snapdragon 625, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage) capable of handling any app and game from the casual titles at https://www.allslotscasino.com/

to even the most demanding action and racing games. The hardware is paired with an amazing dual 12MP camera and a price tag that stays below $300.

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Caterpillar is a brand that you usually meet with heavy machinery and equipment, as well as rugged clothes and shoes worn by professionals. But a CAT phone also exists, built to resist most perils it is subjected to in a work environment. A rugged phone wouldn’t be such an outstanding product, but the CAT S60 is special because it is the first smartphone to be equipped with a thermal camera. The camera, built by mobile thermal imaging specialist FLIR, turns this phone into a unique companion for busy professionals

Otherwise, the handset has a more than decent hardware, with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 SoC, 3GB of RAM, and a price tag of around $670

Razer Phone

Last but not least, let us mention the Razer Phone, the first smartphone built specifically with gamers in mind. Its hardware is on par with today’s other flagships except for its extra RAM and its massive 4,000 mAh battery. Besides, it also has a beautiful 120Hz LCD screen, front-facing stereo speakers with a Dolby and THX-certified sound system behind them, as well as a design that makes it extra comfortable to hold

       The Razer Phone was released this November, and costs around $700

I Phone X customer reviews

Every iPhone is a good Phone but I Phone X means a lot more. We have been waiting for this phone a long time. Now Apple says it’s a reimaging and a lot of new features like Apple get rid of a Home button and also a finger sensor and OLED screen planted first time in Apple phones.

I Phone X vs I Phone 8

DesignThe iPhone X is the design champ here, with that edge-to-edge screen and lack of a home button. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is much more familiar. All the phones are IP67 rated, have glass backs for wireless charging and no headphone jack.

Specs: The new 10nm A11 chip powers both phones, though RAM has yet to be determined. The iPhone X gets the new OLED display, while the 8 and 8 Plus have to stick with IPS LCD.

Price: The iPhone 8 starts £/$699 for the smaller model for 64GB and £/$849 for the 256GB model. The 8 Plus is £/$100 more and the iPhone X starts at £/$999

Customer reviews

Customer concerns: Price, So much costly, $1000 so much for I phone X. Don’t u think Apple is digging your pocket for $1000? Competitors have a same display size phones and almost same features but much lower prices.

The biggest difference between the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X is the industrial design. Apple’s lack of real advancement in design dampened the iPhone 7 and left us with a phone that felt the same as the iPhone 6

Concerns about display: Some people disappointed with the display size. If you are paying $1000 for 1 phone and display is not much bigger so videos and pictures are in smaller sizes in I phone X because of its cut out bars.

Threat: Some features are not as good as other in iPhone X like Display not much bright if you compare I phone X with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I Phone X has 625 nits and Samsung galaxy note 8 has 1240 nits. Hope Apple will address this issue in its next model.

Weakness: Not everyone is comfortable with face detection unlock feature in Apple. Phone X has a face ID its good but not so much convenient because you have to always watch your phone to Unlock in better light conditions.

The main thing is IOS 11. Yes, you can update your previous devices like I Phone 5s to  I Phone 7 plus. You can feel the heat off I phone X with the help of operating system then why so spend $1000 to by I Phone X for some features. Think about it.

  • Back glass is also a drop- X in my view. Accidentally if you drop you I Phone X there is a lot of chances to starch Your I Phone X back and front.
  • Everything in I Phone X revolves around gestures. You have to learn how to deal with this machine. New User feels so much uncomfortable while using this machine.
  • I Phone X  has 2716mAh battery,. If You are a Phone addictive then I Phone X is not made for you.
  • There are a lot of other Phones in the market having a better and big battery for the user to spend more time and enjoy.

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Strength of I Phone X 

First time Apple uses OLED Screen in I phone X. it’s a one of the major change in this field. I Phone X infinite display feature. As we all know Apple launch its three flagships in September 2017 so I Phone X is a more eye-catching machine because of it’s a lot of new features.

  • This phone is designed to use as a portrait.
  • I Phone use a11 bionic chip. It’s so fast.
  • Phone not a curved phone like Samsung and other manufacturers.
  • It’s a stainless steel border with glass cover on its backside. It’s a unique feature that Apple added the first time.

Let’s talk about  I Phone Camera.

  • Dual 12 MP f/1.8 & f/2.4 face detection autofocus OIS, 2x, optical Zoom, Quad –LED(Dual-tone)flash
  • The secondary camera comes with 7MP with HDR, face dictation and panorama.
  • I Phone X is so vibrant in colors. Its much better east to read texts.

Let’s talk about I phone X most important feature face ID

First of all, if u don’t want to use face ID  You can use Password. But it looks good if u watch your phone and its unlocked every time.

  • Face Id use 30000 dots to ensure that it’s your face and send it to A11 chip very fast and Unlocked it. There is also a lot of new changes In IOS 11 like control center and notification view.

Opportunity: I Phone X has a 2716 mAh battery. It means it’s not enough for those who are phone addictive. They can enhance the battery life for phone additives.

Top 20 best smart phones in the world 2017

According to latest ranking in tech world here is something amazing and astonishing to observe the latest positioning of smartphones.Who took the top slot would make you not much but surely little surprise. Ranking usually based on processor, metal body, camera and it’s overall performance which is taken from customers through their valuable feedback

Top 20 best smart phones in the global ranking

20) Moto Z       $408 to $720

19) Blackberry Classic   $319

18) HTC 10    $600

17) LG V20      $561

16) ZTE Axon 7    $400

15) Samsung Galaxy Note 5   $562

14) LG G5           $349

13) Moto G4    $130 to $230

12) Blackberry Priv   $380

11)  Huawei Mate 9     $600

10) OnePlus 3T       $440

9) Iphone SE          $399

8) iPhne6S             $507

7) iPhone6S Plus        $650

6) Samsung Galaxy S7     $ 495

5) Samsung Galaxy S7 edge   $ 590

4) iPhone 7 Plus                 $ 769

3) iPhone 7                       $650

2) Google Pixel      $649

1) Google Pixel XL

World’s best smartphone in 2017 listing. Believe it or not, Price:  $769