Huawei overcome the anticipated challenge: Tech war

Huawei already heads down to anticipated tech war impact and that was the reason they were in the process to reduce their dependability on the US and to overcome expected challenges. On Friday Huawei unveiled a new smartphone chip, keeping the growing demand in view they realized that demand grew more than last year and exceeded to 100 million units in 11 months The new … Continue reading Huawei overcome the anticipated challenge: Tech war

Amazon has taken over.

The US-based agency conducted research to evaluate the buying behavior of customers and how much a consumer willing to pay to a particular brand when it comes to shop. It means a lot for brands to identify customer behavior and formulate strategies accordingly. This year in the survey Amazon has broken the longstanding reign of Apple and Google to become the world’s most valuable brand worth … Continue reading Amazon has taken over.

US-China Tech war is all about?

All you need to know what’s happening in the tech industry explicitly tech war between the US & China. The future of Huawei, Samsung and Apple will be discussed. Almost 16 days ago Trump signed an executive order and put Huawei and other 60 affiliated companies in the black list and restrict all US companies who have trade relations with Chinese companies will have to … Continue reading US-China Tech war is all about?