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World Cup Final at Lords: ‘AYNTK’

All the mandatory details you need to know about the Final of Cricket World Cup Lords 2019. Previous world Cup stats, match details, tickets, broadcasting and much more. AYNTK- All You Need To Know- Routes to Lords

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England vs New Zealand, the 2019 Cricket World Cup final, the 12th of its kind and the culmination of 45 group stage matches and two semi-finals played over seven weeks. It will be England’s fourth final and New Zealand’s second – neither have won the tournament.

When is it?

Sunday, July 14.

What time will it start?

Play is due to begin at 10:30am BST.

Where is it taking place?

Where else but the home of the cricket, Lord’s in London. Lord’s also hosted the final of the inaugural World Cup in 1975, as well as the finals in 1979, 1983, 1999.

Sunday’s ICC Cricket World Cup final between England and New Zealand will be shown on free-to-air TV after Sky announced it is partnering with Channel 4. It will be

A statement said: “Channel 4 will carry Sky’s coverage of the cricket final from 9am. Cricket coverage moves to More 4 at 1.15pm while the British Grand Prix airs on Channel 4 with the cricket returning to Channel 4 after the race has finished. Live coverage from Lord’s will also be available on Sky One.”

In 1975 the first Cricket World Cup was contested in England as a series of one-day matches of 60 overs per side. It was held outside England, in India and Pakistan, for the first time in 1987. The 1987 contest also saw the number of overs per side reduced to 50. In 2007 Australia became the first team to win three consecutive World Cup tournaments.

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Results of the Cricket World Cup are provided in the table.

Cricket World Cup
year winner score runner-up score result
1975 West Indies 291–8 Australia 274 West Indies won by 17 runs
1979 West Indies 286–9 England 194 West Indies won by 92 runs
1983 India 183 West Indies 140 India won by 43 runs
1987 Australia 253–5 England 246–8 Australia won by 7 runs
1992 Pakistan 249–6 England 227 Pakistan won by 22 runs
1996 Sri Lanka 245–3 Australia 241 Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets
1999 Australia 133–2 Pakistan 132 Australia won by 8 wickets
2003 Australia 359–2 India 234 Australia won by 125 runs
2007 Australia 281–4 Sri Lanka 215–8 Australia won by 53 runs
2011 India 277–4 Sri Lanka 274–6 India won by 6 wickets
2015 Australia 186–3 New Zealand 183 Australia won by 7 wickets

How can I get tickets?

Not easily and not cheaply. Some tickets are reportedly going for up to £10,000.

Who won the last World Cup?

Australia is the current champions and most successful team in the tournament’s 44-year history, with five wins.

The holders’ chances are boosted by the return of Steve Smith and David Warner after serving one-year bans for ball-tampering.

What are the latest odds to win?

  • England – 1/3
  • New Zealand – 13/5

What is our prediction?

The momentum is with England and having beaten New Zealand in the group stage, you would expect them to lift the World Cup for the first time.

Pakistan missed the semi #CWC19

Well, it’s all over for Greens from the mega event. It was a shaky start with West Indies and followed on by India and Australia. Due to the fact that the team defeated tournament best teams such as England who whitewashed Pakistan in the home series happened just before #CWC19, New Zealand, SouthAfrica, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. No doubt they have the capability to overcome any team if its there day that was the general thought.

Where does the Problem Lie?

I think we had the same team who bought us Cup in Champions Trophy in 2017 but what happened to the same team in 2 years? Is it justified to blame system, structure, technique or skill of the player? I don’t think that’s true.

The only problem I see in the team is ‘Pressure handling/management’, they just have no idea when it happens to be 44/3 such figures does not at all means a sudden collapse. Not at all. Every world-class team often face such figures and revamp themselves and score big.


#CWC19 #CWC2019

Tri-Nations fighting for one slot : #CWC19


Quite interesting situation has erupted after India and England’s match being played yesterday where most of the people were expecting India to dominate and unicorn their neighbor Pakistan and Bangladesh were backing. Well, it went another way around. England’s win on Sunday has pushed them to 10 points. What does that mean for the semi-final race?

England’s win against India means that Sri Lanka is out. Even if they win their two remaining matches and England lose to New Zealand, Sri Lanka will finish on the same number of points as England, but with one lesser win (because of two rained out matches), which is the first criteria for teams level on points.

With Australia already through, five teams are battling for the three remaining spots: India, New Zealand, England, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Among them, India and New Zealand are better placed, all but through, because of their superior net run rate – explained in more detail below – while England, Pakistan and Bangladesh are fighting for one slot.

Can England still qualify if they lose to New Zealand on Wednesday?

Yes, they can. For that, they will need to hope India beats Bangladesh and Bangladesh beat Pakistan. Such a scenario would have both Bangladesh and Pakistan on nine points, with England qualifying as the fourth team with 10 points.

The weather is set fair at Chester le Street for Wednesday’s clash between England and New Zealand. Even if there is a no-result, England will still make it because of their superior net run rate, compared to Bangladesh and Pakistan.

What about Bangladesh and Pakistan? How has England’s win affected their chances?

Both sides need 11 points, but as things stand, only one of them can get there because one of their remaining clashes is against each other on Friday.

For Pakistan to qualify, they have to beat Bangladesh and hope New Zealand beat England. Similarly, Bangladesh needs to win their last two games and then hope New Zealand beat England. Neither side can afford a loss, however.

Are Bangladesh/ Pakistan out for sure if England beat New Zealand? What about the net-run-rate scenarios among the teams on 11 points?

If India loses their two remaining games and if New Zealand loses to England, then three teams – India, New Zealand and Pakistan/Bangladesh – will finish on 11, vying for two spots.

If Pakistan beat Bangladesh and are the third team on 11 points, then New Zealand and India will qualify, as Pakistan’s NRR of -0.792 is far too much of a handicap.

For them to nudge ahead, India will have to lose each of their matches by around 150 runs (or the sum of their losses will have to be around 300), and Pakistan will have to beat Bangladesh by around 200 runs.

For Pakistan to go past New Zealand, the result of the two relevant matches – Pakistan beating Bangladesh and England beating New Zealand – will have to be in the region of around 220 runs each.

For Bangladesh, the NRR situation isn’t quite as dire, but it is still rather improbable. If, for example, the results of all three matches – Bangladesh’s wins versus India and Pakistan, and India’s defeat against Sri Lanka – are in the region of around 75 runs, then Bangladesh will go ahead of India on NRR

The Gentleman’s game was shredded to pieces: #CWC19

That’s how the world reacted Ind vs Eng CWC 19, It was a match which evolved subcontinents nations together and it’s rare to see all three nations backing India.

Air Cdre Rashid ul Haq of Bangla Desh wrote:

30 June 2019 will live in infamy in the history of cricket because the integrity, honor, and code that governed the gentlemen’s game were shredded to pieces. It was done not only by brown-skinned men of small vision and values but equally by fair skinned men of high morals and values.

Great players, heroes and role models to the future generations of their nations, great commentators, who were once seen as the pride of their communities, the coaches and the custodian of the game all fell victim to petty gains, sacrificing the very spirit for which sports are played.

That is how I believe history will remember the cricket match that was played between England and India.

#CWC19 #CWC2019