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Trump steps up in Florida to initiate re-elections campaign: 2020

Donald Trump will take to the stage at a rally in Florida tonight to formally launch the beginning of his 2020 re-election campaign. Supporters are excited to see him back in action mode with full zest and energy.

Loyal “Trump supporters were already lining up for seats on Monday morning” for the 20,000-seater gig, reports USA Today – but the president faces a challenge more formidable than the one he undertook in 2016.

As CNN notes, Trump “must prove he can recast the political spell that defied pundits and probability and delivered one of the most shocking election wins in history” back in 2016. Yet he is hampered by “cresting crises overseas, endless scandals, personal feuds, the president’s flattery of tyrants, impeachment talk and an impossible-to-ignore presidency that’s barged into every American’s life in draining two-and-a-half years”, the broadcaster adds.

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“Our economy is the envy of the world,” boomed the US leader, who is betting that strong job growth will help persuade the country to give him a second term.

“We are going to keep America great again,” Trump told the crowd. “Oh, we will keep it so great. Better than ever before.

“And that is why tonight I stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as president of the United States.”

Striking a darker note, Trump repeatedly encouraged the crowd to boo journalists covering the event, calling them “fake news.

‘Let us be heard’ demonstration expected soon in London: Brexit

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Most of the voters are of the belief that another referendum could only be the viable way out for the UK to decide the leaving ToR’s from EU before the actual date that is supposed to be in October. However, the expected new PM has a clear thought about exit which is No trade deal with the EU. In order to shun that expected chaos voters are building up trend to take streets in London and show up their consent which has a first sign display today.

Campaigners are planning to take streets in the coming days as the first sign of their planning displayed in front of parliament where the EU flag can be seen as a unicorn display. A slogan ‘Let us be heard’ would be chanted all across and a real power show is expected. Voters are literally frustrated as their representatives in the house are not able to decide as what to take a stance in the situation and they believe its a situation representatives have made it complex so if they can’t build a consensus, give them a chance to solve it now. However, Lawmakers have rejected the thought and explained the situation that Theresa May was ready to exit EU on31 Oct but it was parliament who stopped her and rejected here 3 back to back recommendations about the subject matter and realized her that there is a possible impasse.

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In March, the People’s Vote campaign claimed a million people marched on the streets of London, which would make it the biggest rally in Britain since the Iraq War in 2003. Last October, the group claimed hundreds of thousands of people marched through the city demanding a new referendum. 

Trump autonomous power freedom has taken away: US Mid Term Elections 2018

Follow all the latest news about US Mid Term Elections 2018

Latest clash of CNN reporter with President Trump

Jeff has been asked to resign

US Mid Term elections 2018 has turned evenly for both Democrats and Republican. Upper House Senate is in charge of policy formulation hence retained by Republican’s, however, Lower house representation claimed by Democrats.

Interestingly in Upper House, Republicans claimed 4 slots from 49 to 52 which are as follows

  • All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs
  • The Democrats are set to take the House and have won 28 of the 50 battleground districts.
  • Republicans have taken just seven of the battleground seats
  • However, they retain control of the Senate after 35 seats were contested
  • 36 state governorships are also being contested

Three Democratic incumbents – Joe Donnelly in Indiana, Claire McCaskill in Missouri and Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota – suffered defeat to Republican challengers.A fourth Democrat – Bill Nelson in Florida – looks likely to be unseated, too.

However in lower Chamber Democrats managed to prevail there soft anti Trump verdict and will now in better way would pursue Trump’s charges. They will easily conceive 23 seats to get the reins in hand of the House. So the chances of keeping an eye on charges on Trump tax and business affairs enhances. Secondly they will halt the resolution of Mexican wall as well.

New Record of women ran in Elections observed

Midterms Election has some fresh trends emerged in a state of two new Muslim women joined House. Two women’s and a man joined Senate in the same capacity. They both are from republican side and faces hard contest with Democrats.

  • Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, both Democrats, won their races easily Tuesday
  • Omar, a Somali-American, captured the seat from a blue district in Minnesota
  • Tlaib, a Palestinian American, will represent parts of Detroit
  • She will take over the seat vacated by former Rep. John Conyers 

First women minority inclusion in House is incredible

The House is getting its first two Muslim women and Massachusetts is getting its first black congresswoman while Arizona and Tennessee stand to elect their first woman senators in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Democrats Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan won their respective races and will represent their districts in the House of Representatives.

Both women ran in strongly Democratic regions.

Tlaib, a Palestinian American, will take over the seat vacated by former Rep. John Conyers.

Omar will not only be among the first Muslim women elected to Congress. She is also the first Somali American to win election to national office, according to CNN.

Both Omar and Tlaib were endorsed by Democratic Socialists of America, the liberal wing of the Democratic Party that counts among its high-profile members another rising female star – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Upper House Total Seats 100

Republicans got 50

Democrats got. 43

Lower House Total Seats 435

Republicans got 181

Democrats got. 209

Separatist parties won a slim majority in the Catalan parliament: Barcelona

 The three pro-independence parties in Catalonia won the majority of seats in a parliamentary election in the region Thursday, setting the stage for another showdown with the central government in Madrid.

With a record-breaking turnout of more than 80 percent, Catalans dealt Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, a major setback as the secessionist leaders stood poised to return to power in Barcelona, among them former regional president Carles Puigdemont, now in exile in Brussels. Washington Post

Ines Arrimadas of Citizens

What were the results?

With nearly all votes counted, the pro-independence parties Together for Catalonia (JxCat), Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) and Popular Unity (CUP) were on course to win a total of 70 seats in total, giving them a majority in the new parliament.

Citizens (Cs) had 25.3% of the vote, winning 37 seats in the 135-seat chamber.

Its leader Inés Arrimadas told the BBC her party had been “victorious”. She said forming a coalition would be “difficult – but we will try”.

The PP, meanwhile, won only three seats, down from 11 in the previous assembly.

Turnout was more than 80%, a record for a Catalan regional election

Why did the election take place?

Separatists who dominated the previous Catalan parliament declared independence on 27 October after a referendum that was declared illegal by Spain.

In an attempt to stop that referendum, Spanish police stormed some polling stations. However many voters defied the Spanish courts and riot police to cast their ballots.

The move led to violent clashes with hundreds of people reported injured.

According to referendum organizers, 90% of voters were in favor of independence, but fewer than half the region’s electorate took part.

However, Mr. Puigdemont decided it was enough to declare independence from Spain.

Mr. Rajoy then sacked the Catalan government, imposed direct rule and called the 21 December election.

Prosecutors accused 13 Catalan separatist politicians of rebellion and sedition, including Mr. Puigdemont and four others who fled to Belgium.

Among the accused, two pro-independence politicians are in Spanish prisons, and six are being monitored while on bail.

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Gaps between Trump promises and actual policies are expanding: White House

These are not the only instances in which Mr. Trump’s expansive language has not been matched by his actions during this opening phase of his presidency. On immigration, diplomatic relations with Cuba and international accords like the North American Free Trade Agreement and a separate trade pact with South Korea, he has denounced decisions made by Mr. Obama or other previous presidents without fully reversing them

“The gap between President Trump’s ambitious promises and actual policies is large and growing,” said William C. Inboden, a White House aide under President George W. Bush and now executive director of the William P. Clements Jr. Center for History, Strategy, and Statecraft at the University of Texas.

“This is weakening the institution of the presidency itself, which becomes diminished when presidents over promise and under deliver, or when responsibilities normally handled by the president become habitually shirked to Congress or other nations.”

“I am not surprised because Donald Trump is not an ideologue, he’s a realist and a pragmatist,” said Christopher Ruddy, chief executive of Newsmax Media and a friend of the president’s. “During the campaign, he staked out some very strong positions maybe as a negotiating start point, or in other cases, they were based on the facts he had at the time.”

In the end, he may wind up taking the more sweeping actions — he may yet pull the United States out of Nafta or the Iran deal. He may yet let the program for younger immigrants expire early next year. He has repeatedly talked about “letting Obamacare fail,” which his latest steps may accelerate.

“There is now a new and scary spring in his step,” Mr. Kupchan said. “He could be entering a new phase involving fuller takedowns of agreements and institutions. The Iran deal and Nafta are bellwether cases. What’s really interesting is that he fired his chief revolutionary, Steve Bannon, but seems on the verge of taking on that role himself.”