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Boris Proposed the divorce idea to conservatives: Brexit Updates

Boris expected to pass divorce bill from House of Commons

Boris Johnson will give his new Br exit proposals their first airing in Parliament on Thursday, with the prime minister optimistic he can get a deal past the House of Commons if the European Union shifts its red lines. EU ambassadors will also discuss the proposals later this afternoon, after early reactions from the bloc on Wednesday suggested that, while some of Johnson’s points are welcome, there remain some major stumbling blocks

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Queen approves Borris Request to suspend Parliament, Brexit inclines towards no-deal option

Breaking News: Pound plunged badly after Queen has approved an order to suspend Parliament on the request of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Political uncertainty on its peak after Queen’s approval of Borris Request. BBC correspondent already told earlier that Queen has to accept PM Borris request as precedents of British Politics

Time spans shortened and chances of any deal of withdrawal of the UK from the EU have minimized. The UK inclines towards no-deal Brexit and here is how Borris was really intended to push on  

The Monarch has approved an order to prorogue parliament no earlier than September 9 and no later than September 12, despite a petition against the move gaining more than 300,000 signatures in just a few hours.

Therefore, a closed parliament leaves a little over a fortnight for MPs to block a no-deal Brexit before the Halloween deadline.

The petition created by Mark Johnston reads: “Parliament must not be prorogued or dissolved unless and until the Article 50 period has been sufficiently extended or the UK’s intention to withdraw from the EU has been canceled.”

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Germany thinks GB exit without a deal is apt

German Government believes that it will be in the best interest of Great Britain if they leave the EU with no deal on 31st Oct. The impact of departure on the future relationship will be better and positive. Germany also believes that the UK will crash out without a deal. Although no-deal Brexit would lead to many unexpected outcomes in regards to escalated fares in services and retail industry


The new chancellor of the exchequer is the most senior member of Boris Johnson’s cabinet to meet the German government since Johnson replaced Theresa May as Prime Minister. As Boris Johnson prepares to meet with German leader Angela Merkel, a leaked briefing document has revealed that Germany is well on the way to readying itself for a no-deal Brexit.

Br exit and Irish Border

The paper leaked to German paper Handelsblatt will make worrying reading for the Prime Minister suggesting that Germany will not be bluffed into abandoning measures guaranteeing a peaceful border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What Germany thinks about Brexit deal

The internal German government document indicates a European preparedness to let Britain leave the EU with an economically disastrous no-deal Brexit rather than abandon assurances for EU member state Ireland on the Irish backstop negotiated in Theresa May’s withdrawal deal. The leaked memo was prepared by the German civil service for German finance minister, Olaf Scholz, ahead of his talks on Friday with Sajid Javid.

New EU president thoughts about Brexit

Both leaders expected to replace May are more of a believe that the UK will leave the EU without a deal as of time constraint and much of the efforts already been done to build consensus.

However new EU leader as a different viewpoint about the situation the UK has stuck in and she is ready to extend the time as much as possible. In the first case, she does not want Britain to leave, We want you to remain,” she told European lawmakers on Wednesday. “When the United Kingdom needs more time, then I believe it’s right.” Leaving without a deal would be “catastrophic,” both economically and for international relations, she said.

EU President thought about the UK leaving EU with or without Brexit deal

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Her reluctance to countenance a no-deal exit is potentially good news for the U.K. side. Both candidates to replace Theresa May are making it their strategy to scare the EU into believing Britain will walk away without a deal, which they see as the best tactic to secure changes to the unpopular divorce agreement. Front-runner Boris Johnson is even keeping open the option of suspending Parliament to push through no-deal, in what looks like a negotiating ploy.

‘Let us be heard’ demonstration expected soon in London: Brexit

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Most of the voters are of the belief that another referendum could only be the viable way out for the UK to decide the leaving ToR’s from EU before the actual date that is supposed to be in October. However, the expected new PM has a clear thought about exit which is No trade deal with the EU. In order to shun that expected chaos voters are building up trend to take streets in London and show up their consent which has a first sign display today.

Campaigners are planning to take streets in the coming days as the first sign of their planning displayed in front of parliament where the EU flag can be seen as a unicorn display. A slogan ‘Let us be heard’ would be chanted all across and a real power show is expected. Voters are literally frustrated as their representatives in the house are not able to decide as what to take a stance in the situation and they believe its a situation representatives have made it complex so if they can’t build a consensus, give them a chance to solve it now. However, Lawmakers have rejected the thought and explained the situation that Theresa May was ready to exit EU on31 Oct but it was parliament who stopped her and rejected here 3 back to back recommendations about the subject matter and realized her that there is a possible impasse.

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In March, the People’s Vote campaign claimed a million people marched on the streets of London, which would make it the biggest rally in Britain since the Iraq War in 2003. Last October, the group claimed hundreds of thousands of people marched through the city demanding a new referendum.