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Whats your error whilst Global apps outrage reported

Major outrage observed and reported from various parts of the world. Reports soon

Instagram, facebook and WhatsApp not active for some tech reasons. Lets us know if yours is working !

Facebook and other apps

Coca Cola part ways for branding on facebook

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg slipped down by few billions as social media platform Facebook is not a hotspot for most of the top brands for advertisements.

Lets focus on commercial perspective

Facebook owned application is finally joining the cash club as Mark Zuckerberg is not really interested to miss any kind of revenue generation tool so has finally approaching a plan to generate billions of dollars annually which it had acquired for $22 billion back in 2014. Most used messenger app nearly has $1.6 billion users can reach out each other via instant messenger through text and voice message. Whats App is a messaging app for smartphones created in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum

Whats app to extend to commercial zone finally


Zuckerberg suspended the push to introduce ads to the popular messaging app partly because Facebook wanted to avoid antagonizing regulators, according to people familiar with the matter. Facebook also feared angering WhatsApp users who valued the app’s emphasis on privacy and who resisted the idea of having their accounts tied to Facebook.

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Around 300 million online users at risk amid info leaked

American online users, stay alert and stay extremely vigilant as records of approximately 276 million online users mostly Americans has been spread out on the dark web and users are frequently getting calls and mails about various scams deals.

Information leaked from Facebook profiles most of the online users based in US

The Database includes ID’s, contact information, full names and some physical address and most of the users are based in states. the information has been extracted from Facebook profiles and extended to unknown Database from where users are getting unusual calls about various scam deals and promotion amid Christmas Holidays.

Worldwide online users to stay alert as information leaked to Dark web

Origin of this scam has been said to be linked from Vietnam officials believes the trove of Data is probably fake scraping operation or Facebook API violation by criminals . Information was leaked on Dec 4 and been observed until Dec 19.

Facebook limits post patent rights only to author

Social Media giant Facebook is all set to have a major strategic transformation in the user experience and it will surely has a huge impact on users. California based social media company Facebook has decided to gather some user response differently and this time it has concentrated on focus of users like never before they believe that should not be distracted by the views of the post instead user should purely give his feedback on the basis of quality of content instead of number of likes the post he see. This is actually an unicorn strategy opted by social media giant to depict user interest. The reflection of views, likes and comments of the post could only be seen by author instead users interestingly very smart move.

Facebook is set to begin pounding likes and views on Friday, making the number of reactions, views and likes patent only to a post’s author. The test will first begin in Australia, the social media giant confirmed on Thursday, and includes ads.

First announced in May for users in Canada, now those in Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand will also be able to hide the ‘Like’ count on their Instagram posts.

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Facebook added that it would “gather feedback ..

Facebook with in-laws goes down

DETAILS TO FOLLOW It’s not the first time happening with social media explicitly facebook. Instagram and WhatsApp as the service are down in major parts of Europe and Asia. Reports from customer feedback.  Service is down globally

It appears that WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook have all crashed this afternoon. Social media users have been complaining of issues with the three platforms on Twitter – and according to DownDetector, the independent outage monitor, the issues are affecting the whole of the UK and even parts of the US.

The tracking site saw a surge in complaints shortly before 3pm on Wednesday (July 3).