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The only great thing during Pandemic #Covid19

The Pandemic has costed over all $5 trillion to global business directly and indirectly. Retail, Hotel and travel industries are the prominent sufferers however cant ignore the Food industry. Major Retail stores have been instructed to practice strict precautions to save outrage. More than 90 store in USA have closed there doors for customers for unlimited time span in race to counter Pandemic. Stores which are continuing operations to serve basic grocery and pharmacy are observing strict precautions such as cleaning, social distance and reduced customer interactions as much as possible. As all the businesses are closed and people are in lock down, Earth is healing.

It wont be wrong to conclude that world has turned to single point agenda that is to counter global pandemic. Where everything is just going against humanity and everyone is waiting to return to normal as soon as possible, there is one thing that has favored the planet substantially and it seems that creator has showed up in favor of this world by clicking the reset button and turned the world to default settings for sometime. Lets not forget to talk about global atmosphere explicitly air index has improved exponentially.

Only company claims, its global facilities are now 100-percent run by renewable energy:Go green

The move is in line with the company’s 2015 plan to push toward 100-percent renewable energy, a list that includes all of Apple’s data centers as of 2014. As of today, the company’s officially adding retail stores, offices and co-located facilities to that list, covering 43 countries, including the US, China, UK and India.

The addition of nine manufacturing partners, meanwhile, brings the total number up to 23 suppliers promising to produce their products entirely with clean energy. How the companies involved actually hit these numbers is, unsurprisingly, somewhat more complex.

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“Where feasible, we produce our own renewable energy by building our own renewable energy facilities, including solar arrays, wind farms, biogas fuel cells, and micro-hydro generation systems,” the company writes in its 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report. “Where it’s not feasible to build our own generation, we sign long-term renewable energy purchase contracts, supporting new, local projects that meet our robust renewable energy sourcing principles.”

The push toward renewable energy has included some creative solutions, including 300 solar rooftops in Japan and 800 in Singapore. The company says it’s currently running 25 renewable energy projects globally, with 15 more in the process of being built. That will bump green energy capability from 626 megawatts to 1.4 gigawatts, by its count — and the finally tally doesn’t appear to include carbon offsets, unlike some of the competition. 

It’s easy to see how a rollback of the Clean Power Plan could ultimately have an adverse effect on the company’s bottom line.

“We’re committed to leaving the world better than we found it. After years of hard work we’re proud to have reached this significant milestone,” Tim Cook said in a release tied to the news. “We’re going to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the materials in our products, the way we recycle them, our facilities and our work with suppliers to establish new creative and forward-looking sources of renewable energy because we know the future depends on it.”

China is spreading its forest to the area of Ireland in 2018

The head of China’s State Forestry Administration Zhang Jianlong announced the plans at a meeting on Thursday and said the government wants to grow 6.66 million hectares of new forest this year.

Mr. Jianlong added:

China aims to plant new forests in 2018 covering an area roughly the size of Ireland in efforts to improve the environment.

Companies, organizations, and talent that specialize in greening work are all welcome to join in the country’s massive greening campaign.

It is encouraging that China’s forest has been recovering in the midst of its daunting environmental challenges such as severe air pollution and water shortages.Cooperation between government and social capital will be put on the priority list 

Forests made up 17 percent of China’s land mass in 2000, according to figures from Global Forest Watch. The tree monitoring organization says over 8 million hectares of tree cover was lost between 2001 and 2016.

The biggest annual decrease in eight years came in 2016 when over 700,000 hectares disappeared.

Michigan State University published a report on deforestation in China in 2016. Decades of logging, floods, and conversion to farmland were blamed.

However, the report noted China’s successful forest conservation and restoration programmes since the beginning of the 21st Century.

Co-author Jianguo Liu said:

No more Metro’s, Cable cars coming soon to travel in lahore

For the past few years, Lahore, the capital of Punjab, has been at front and center when it comes to new transportation projects and this time the situation is no different. After the initiation of Metro Buses and Speedo Buses for feeder routes, CM Punjab is looking to introduce ropeways transport in the city. It has several benefits the best one is it will promote go green policy of government although initially, it will cost some tree’s to go waste it will be zero emission source of carbon unlike any other transport

Shahbaz Sharif has directed the concerned authorities to prepare feasibility reports to run the ropeways transport featuring cable cars at three different points in Lahore; from Imamia Colony to Railway Station, Jehangir Tomb to Greater Iqbal Park, from Jalo Mor to Thokar Niaz Baig and also another one from Islamabad to Murree.

Reportedly, a foreign ropeway manufacturing company will work on this new project to provide cable car transport, alongside Punjab government. The new project is aimed at reducing the burden of traffic on the roads whilst providing an innovative way to travel within the city.

Currently, the Orange Line Train Project is underway in Lahore and CM Punjab is also looking to introduce Blue and Purple line train in Lahore. Feasibility study and presentation of the Blue and Purple line projects have already been completed and the two projects will be worth around three trillion

Why Trump is leaving 195 countries accord of Climate change Paris agreement?

Climate change is already impacting the planet, but the specific goal of the Paris Agreement is to prevent the planet from warming by more than 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), which scientists warn could have especially damaging consequences

The Paris Agreement is a deal reached between 195 countries to gradually reduce emissions that cause climate change in order to prevent a major increase in the global temperatures that could raise sea levels, spark major droughts, and lead to more dangerous storms.

The agreement, which was negotiated in 2015 and took effect in November 2016, was spurred by the overwhelming global scientific consensus that rising global temperatures over the last several decades are caused by man-made activity.

3 reasons why Trump is not interested

Number 1: He has repeatedly tweeted and said in campaign speeches that climate change is a “hoax” and even suggested that China — another frequent Trump target — was behind the plot. China won’t end using fossil fuels

Number 2: Trump has rattled allies by criticizing trade agreements and military alliances.

Number 3: Trump is not a fan of the regulations and spending that the previous administration proposed to meet its goals, which he warns will reduce economic growth.

What happens if the US withdraws

The agreement won’t fall apart overnight. Already, reports suggest China and the European Union are prepared to publicly recommit to the agreement with or without the United States. Some experts say China appears to be reducing emissions ahead of schedule, in part because the country is phasing out coal quicker to reduce choking smog in its major cities.

Trump also can’t technically withdraw from the agreement until November 2019. It’s possible he could speed things up by abandoning the underlying Senate-approved climate treaty that the agreement is linked to.