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The only great thing during Pandemic #Covid19

The Pandemic has costed over all $5 trillion to global business directly and indirectly. Retail, Hotel and travel industries are the prominent sufferers however cant ignore the Food industry. Major Retail stores have been instructed to practice strict precautions to save outrage. More than 90 store in USA have closed there doors for customers for unlimited time span in race to counter Pandemic. Stores which are continuing operations to serve basic grocery and pharmacy are observing strict precautions such as cleaning, social distance and reduced customer interactions as much as possible. As all the businesses are closed and people are in lock down, Earth is healing.

It wont be wrong to conclude that world has turned to single point agenda that is to counter global pandemic. Where everything is just going against humanity and everyone is waiting to return to normal as soon as possible, there is one thing that has favored the planet substantially and it seems that creator has showed up in favor of this world by clicking the reset button and turned the world to default settings for sometime. Lets not forget to talk about global atmosphere explicitly air index has improved exponentially.