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10 shocking facts of USA Retail Industry

Retail Industry norms vary from country to country. How Retail Industry in US works is way to different than rest of the world. I had a chance to experience that in England, Dubai , Asia and this time its USA. After few months of stay in USA, i realized its a huge trap for customer despite of knowing that you actually don’t need that you keep on shopping in advance because bulk buying saves you huge amount. And most of the times it becomes inevitable. My precise remarks about US for foreigners are ‘ Its an opposite and another world within a world ‘. Its because many things you see are opposite.

Retail in the USA has offer you much more than your imagination, variety of brands makes decision making so complex that often becomes hard to retain one brand, pricing varies a lot. Bulk buying is a trap. most of the stores enforce you to get members to avail discounts.

Trends of US Retail Industry

1. Due to variety and suitability one just cant stick to one store for grocery.

2. You will find everything bigger in size at reasonable price. There small size is medium for the rest of the world.

3. There are so many brands for one product that it becomes hard to decide what to get.

4. Every visit to store product placement changes. Most of the stores keeps changing the product placement in the store strategically and intentionally to make customers engaged in product hunt.

5. In America you can be surprised to see frozen Pizza and clothes at Pharmacy.

6. Customer wont be able to distinguish between store associate and store Manager at one time, they work so integrated.

6. Product placement is so smartly planned that it entice customer beyond its original buying plan and 95% of the times strategy dominates. Lets assume you went to store to buy Milk there are most likely chances that you end up with multiple products in the cart.

7. Exchange and return even after months is not at all an issue, they will happily accept anything from customer even after months

8. Wholesale brands such as Sams Club (Walmart) and Costco has also gas station for customers

9. At Walmart stores in USA you wont find any one at checkout doors which increases the percentage of non billed products and carts however store is not much bothered about the fact.

10. If customers gets something from wrong shelve and ends up with high price difference store is bound to give that to customer anyway as they never want customers go away.