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President Trump called PM Khan & Modi urge to moderate Kashmir

US President Donald Trump called back to back his so-called best friends PM Khan and PM Modi and urge to moderate tensions in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He urged as a statesman they have complete tendency and capability to the moderate situations.

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US President Donald Trump has in a phone conversation asked Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to “moderate rhetoric” with India over the situation in Jammu and Kashmir in an effort to reduce tensions.

President Trump called his good friends PM Khan and Modi urged them to negotiate and offered if he could play the part.

Earlier Khan visited the USA on the call of President Trump during his maiden visit they discussed various regional issues including Kashmir where Trump cited that he spoke to Modi two weeks ago and offered him his role of facilitation however Foreign Minister of India at UN explicit session said it’s India’s internal matter. In response to that FM, Shah M Qureshi said its a clear violation of human rights and the world should take notice

Mr. Trump’s call with Mr. Khan – the second in less than a week – came soon after a 30-minute conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, during which PM Modi raised the issue of “extreme rhetoric and incitement to anti-India violence” by leaders of Pakistan.

Modi complained Trump about Khan blunt and proactive remarks about India

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PM Imran Khan at White House with President Trump

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PM Imran Khan during his visit to White House with President Trump and Melania Trump

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First Semi-Final, NZ steals it from favorites

The first semi-final has just been played between India and New Zealand where you know who were the favorites. In Old Trafford fans ration was 85:15 % India: New Zealand. What a match it turned to put in the end was unexpected and exciting. It was a kind of roller coaster for fans in the Old Trafford. Fans around the world are saying its all about “Karma”, which means tit for tat. In the match, India played with England if they would have taken it serious than India had to face Pakistan in semi-final and that’s where the past record states Pakistan never won in such scenarios but India cautiously lost to England fetch New Zealand in semi-final and here is the result of the first semi you have seen. Pakistan, people are enjoying the moments at there best as its all over for India in the World Cup # CWC19.

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Pakistan accepted Modi’s request to open airspace: Aviation

Pakistan has approved “in principle” India’s request to allow Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aircraft fly over its airspace to Bishkek to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit this week, according to a senior Pakistani official, who hoped that New Delhi would respond to Islamabad’s offer for peace dialogue.

India requested Pakistan to let Prime Minister Modi’s aircraft fly over its airspace to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan to attend the SCO summit on June 13-14. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is also attending the meeting of the regional grouping

Pakistan had fully closed its airspace on February 26 after an Indian Air Force (IAF) strike on a Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror camp in Balakot. Since then, it has only opened two routes, both of them pass through southern Pakistan, of the total 11.

The Pakistani official confirmed to PTI that the Imran Khan government has “approved in principle the Indian government’s request to let Prime Minister Modi’s aircraft fly over the Pakistani airspace to Bishkek”.

“The Indian government will be conveyed about the decision once the procedural formalities are completed. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will also be directed to notify the airmen subsequently,” the official said, adding Pakistan was hopeful that India would respond to its offer for peace dialogue.

He said Prime Minister Khan has recently written a letter to his Indian counterpart stressing Pakistan requires a solution for all geopolitical issues including Kashmir between the two neighboring states.

The official further said Pakistan is still optimistic that India will respond to peace offer despite the fact both premiers were not meeting at the sidelines of the SCO Summit.

External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar in New Delhi said no bilateral meeting has been arranged between Prime Minister Modi and his Pakistani counterpart on the sidelines of the SCO Summit.

India maintains that terror and talks cannot go together.

Pakistan had given special permission to India’s then external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to fly directly through Pakistani airspace to attend the SCO Foreign Ministers’ meet in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on May 21.

Apart from the two routes through southern Pakistan, the neighboring country’s airspace remains closed for commercial airliners.

The IAF announced on May 31 that all temporary restrictions imposed on Indian airspace post the Balakot airstrike have been removed. However, it is unlikely to benefit any commercial airliners unless Pakistan reciprocates and opens its complete airspace.

Among Indian airlines, the international operations of Air India and IndiGo have been affected by the closure of Pakistani airspace.

IndiGo, India’s largest airline by a share in the domestic passenger market, has been unable to start direct flights from Delhi to Istanbul due to the closure of Pakistani airspace.

The low-cost carrier started the Delhi-Istanbul flight in March this year. It has to take the longer route every time over the Arabian Sea and make a stop either at Doha in Qatar or at Ahmedabad in Gujarat for refueling.

Pakistan, however, has extended its partial airspace ban on the eastern border with India until June 14.

Indo-Pak crises, Pakistan turned down two Indian Jets: DG ISPR

DG ISPR yesterday held an important press conference in which he informed media and Public about the violation Indian Jets had in Balakot though no causality happened however Indian Jets payload while escape.

DG ISPR told India that they will surely response and it will be different and this morning PAF (Pakistan Airforce) turned down 2 jets one in Azad Kashmir and other in Occupied.

Pakistan on Wednesday shot down two Indian aircraft after they crossed the Kashmir border, an army spokesman said.

Earlier Pakistan confirmed that it had carried out airstrikes in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

“Today, Pakistan Air Force undertook strikes across Line of Control from within Pakistani airspace,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Pakistan military later said Indian jets had entered Pakistan in response to the airstrikes and two had been shot down, with one pilot captured.

Indian airforce jets intercepted at least three Pakistan warplanes that crossed into the Indian side of Kashmir and forced them to turn tail, an Indian official said.

The Pakistani jets flew over the Bimber Gali-Noushera sector at the Line of Control, a ceasefire line that serves as the de facto border in the disputed Kashmir region

Pakistan’s military said Wednesday that it had shot down two Indian aircraft that had entered Pakistani airspace and captured one of the pilots, in an escalation of hostilities just a day after Indian fighter jets crossed the disputed Kashmir region to launch an airstrike within Pakistan.

The claim by Pakistan’s military was not confirmed by the Indian government. Earlier, Indian officials said that one of the country’s fighter jets had crashed within Indian-controlled Kashmir, with the cause being unclear.

There are fears that tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbors could escalate after Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan promised on Tuesday to retaliate for an incursion by Indian jets hours before. Those airstrikes were the first time since 1971 that the Indian Air Force had crossed the Line of Control, the de facto border between the Indian- and Pakistani-held areas of Kashmir, to strike inside Pakistan.

Pakistan’s chief military spokesman, Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor, said the country’s air force had shot down two Indian aircraft inside Pakistani airspace on Wednesday morning after they crossed the Line of Control.

Pakistan said on Wednesday morning it had shot down two Indian jets and carried out strikes into its neighbour to demonstrate its right to self defence a day after Indian jets hit its own territory. 

A statement from Pakistan’s foreign ministry, said the Pakistan air force launched strikes across the disputed line of control in Kashmir. 

It said strikes had been taken at non-military targets avoiding civilian casualties. 

The claim came a little over 24 hours after Delhi said it had struck a Jaish-e-Mohammad training camp near Balakot where it said militants were preparing for imminent terrorist attacks. 

Islamabad had denied any camp was struck, but on Tuesday warned India to prepare for a surprise and vowed a “befitting” response at a time and place of its choosing.