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Leaked Iphone 13 will blow you

The enticing Iphone13 has reached the walking gallery that leads to the podium millions of users are looking at. Although its to early to anticipate the precise date of launch as Apple did not disclose that but traditionally its smelling somewhere around September as always. Interestingly Apple already informed its vendors to make up the stock by 19% as compared to the last year which sums up the accumulative figure to 91 million as compares to last year 76 million. This include iphone13 , Iphone13 mini and Iphone13 Pro and nevertheless Max models for Apple users.


The new iPhone 13 wasn’t announced at the Apple September event, but we’re expecting to see the new series of phones at a separate event either later…

All you need to know about specifications in deep sea lets jump in, Apple has recently been rumored to launch its next-generation iPhone 13 series on September 14, with pre-orders beginning September 17.

Tech Giant coming up next


How to find your saved passwords in iphone which you could save and edit

Apple users are extremely curious about the upcoming expected event most probably to happen on September 10th. Not only they are wondering about event launch dates but also quite conscious about the variants California-based tech giant firm planning to launch. On the other hand, it’s indeed a fact that tech giant leaves no stone unturned for not giving a clue about there innovation they have included in there new models but somehow in this global world people’s imagination penetrates and gets to know what is about to happen. All heads down, users can’t wait to have them all in September

So that’s for sure that it’s not the only phone that tech giant launching on this event. A new version of the MacBook Pro laptop and the latest addition to the firm’s Watch series are also on the cards.

2019 is lined up for 3 fresh phones.

Here’s what to expect from these variants, let’s have a look on phone followed on by mac Book and watch:

Apple coming up in September 2019


US tariffs would favor global competitors: Apple urged admin

The most awaited and expected moment after Huawei placed in the explicit list of companies that need to revise terms of trade. It was expected that sooner or later the impact of tech war in view of enhanced tariffs would have an impact on Apple so is here.

Apple has urged the US administration that proposed tariffs on Chinese imports would be counterproductive, saying they would hurt the iPhone maker’s competitiveness and “tilt the playing field” to non-American rivals.

No other rivals have such tariffs enhanced and that will place Apple in a hot bowl to compete with rivals. Neither of any rival has shared in US market which has a tariff impact on them. It will force back Apple to reduce the investment and think out of the box to shun these tariffs. Apple has plans to invest $350 billion in over 5 years. It’s on record that Apple is the highest corporate taxpayer of the US.

Additionally, the company said the plan would “weigh on Apple’s global competitiveness” and effectively boost its Chinese rivals. “The Chinese producers we compete within global markets do not have a significant presence in the US market, and so would not be impacted by US tariffs,” the letter said.

Even Taiwan offered Apple to shift its unit to Taiwan to shun tariffs which are under consideration as a situation was expected after Huawei got in scrutiny list.

“Neither would our other major non-US competitors.A US tariff would, therefore, tilt the playing field in favor of our global competitors.” The US already has 25 percent duties on more than $250 billion of imports from China. Global markets are concerned about Trump’s threat to impose more steep tariffs on China, on an additional $300 billion in goods.

Apple, which according to some reports is considering moving some production of iPhones and other goods from China to India or other countries, said the proposed tariff list “covers all of Apple’s major products,” including iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods and AppleTV.

US-China Tech war is all about?

All you need to know what’s happening in the tech industry explicitly tech war between the US & China. The future of Huawei, Samsung and Apple will be discussed. Almost 16 days ago Trump signed an executive order and put Huawei and other 60 affiliated companies in the black list and restrict all US companies who have trade relations with Chinese companies will have to seek permission before trading with any Chinese company present in the list. The reason of this executive order is the US considers them a National Security threat for themselves.

Whats its all about tech war?

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The Trump arrows towards Huawei Tech, one of China’s tech champions, by signing an executive order that national security is not compromised in US telecoms infrastructure, while simultaneously reining back China’s dominance in next-generation 5G wireless networks.

Discussion among Huawei and US government is underway to make some way out of the current crises but for instances, no one has a clue where the crazy bull gets hooked.

Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China. This familiar line on the back of iPhones has summed up the world order for the past two decades: American innovation married with low-cost Chinese manufacturing to deliver cheap, quality products for the world.

Huawei is a Chinese smartphone country that earns 50% of the revenue from Chinese users and half of the remaining from the rest of the world. Huawei smartphone manufacturing plants are in China but it buys hardware parts and some software from US companies. Huawei with the intention to become a global leader in the smartphone industry has recently crossed Apple in sales and chase Samsung.

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Can you imagine a Smartphone without Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, and What’s App? Obviously, you are not Chinese at all who are surviving without all these apps and using their own which may be excellent with other perspectives.

Keeping this Executive order in view Google realized about current Huawei users and their support services order 90 days’ relief to Huawei company. So in 90 days Huawei either has to bring in their own apps or would ask global users to be like Chinese.

Moving forward Apple CEO Tim Cook must sound some loud ringing bells as he has always been pro Chinese when it comes to Chinese manufacturing skills set. He confessed a couple of times in his interview that he is impressed with the skill set and economical rates of Chinese labor. He said you get everything under one roof and cheap rates which saves time. So he must be under extreme stress about the Apple future.

However, the most elated and beneficiary person, for now, is Samsung CEO as he is observing tech giants limits access for users and he is expecting that traffic towards Samsung.

The major reason behind this is something most of the people may not perceive and maybe this tech war is for a shorter period of time. Tech users are soon going to have better technology than 4G and the US does not want China to take lead in launching 5G in the world before the US does. Its all about 5G technology bone that is stuck in the neck.

So an overview of the tech war Is, it’s not a one-sided match in which the US restricts China smartphone company and it won’t be affected, Trump administration even wants Apple to get back there manufacturing in the US but Tim Cook does not agree. Well, they have a bilateral trade relation and if trade among China and the US gets stuck anywhere in between it will open a space for Samsung and new payers to jump in. So all eyes on 90 days and we will see where and how negotiations get settle.



Apple new models, how they are distinct mutually in specifications

As the matter of fact, new models of Apple are just revealed in the market and People are really in deep tension and confusion that what Apple has for them however They have a common though floating in their mind that the difference is just in the claims perhaps its not a case. We have elaborated detail features for our viewers to carefully realise the products specifications.

This article, iPhone XS vs. iPhone XS Max vs. iPhone XR:

Lets see What’s the difference?

Apple’s new iPhones aren’t one and the same.

The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are now fully revealed by Apple, and all of those announcements flew by fast. With the iPhone X now out of the Apple Store, your iPhone X choices for the next year boil down to one of these phones (though you could still get the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, or the iPhone 7).

All three new iPhones for 2018 share most of the same core features, but it pays to know how they’re different, and not just their price. (See chart below for pricing and specs.)

At Apple’s event today in Cupertino, California, the company revealed its newest lineup of iPhones, which include the iPhone X, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

The iPhone XS (pronounced “10-S”, not “excess”) features a 6.5-inch OLED HDR display, a faster and more efficient A12 Bionic chip and improved photos and video technology. Pre-orders start Friday and the phone goes on sale Sept. 21.

The iPhone comes in three different colors: gold, grey and black.

The iPhone XS has two 12-megapixel cameras on the back.

Screen size and display: 5.8, 6.1, 6.5 inches

The iPhone XS has the smallest physical footprint of the three, while the iPhone XS Max has an absolutely enormous screen, with 6.5-inches of real estate to gaze upon. The iPhone XR uses the LCD screens of Apple’s past, and lacks the pressure-sensing 3D Touch feature that debuted on the iPhone 6S. Instead, it uses haptic feedback like a trackpad when you long-press an icon on the display.

• iPhone XR: 6.1-inch LCD display, Liquid Retina Display pixel density of 326ppi

• iPhone XS: 5.8-inch OLED display, Super Retina pixel density of 458ppi

• iPhone XS Max: 6.5-inch OLED display, Super Retina pixel density of 458ppi


• iPhone XR: Aluminum body with glass front and back

• iPhone XS: Stainless steel body with glass back and front

• iPhone XS Max: Stainless steel body with glass back and front


• iPhone XR: Blue, coral, yellow, white, black, Project Red

• iPhone XS: Gold, silver, space gray

• iPhone XS Max: Gold, silver, space gray

Camera features

All three new iPhones have at least one 12-megapixel rear camera (with OIS) and a 7-megapixel front-facing camera that supports Face ID unlocking and Animojis. While the iPhone XR lacks a second rear camera, it uses software to take artistic portrait-style shots with background blur (called Bokeh).

Smart HDR is a new feature that applies to the trio, automatically detecting and fixing red-eye, calling out highlights and deepening shadows. Enhanced portrait selfie software also comes to all three new phones.

• iPhone XR: 12-megapixel camera (f1.8), 5X digital zoom, three portrait lighting effects

• iPhone XS: Dual 12-megapixel camera (f 1.8 wide-angle and f2.4 telephoto), 10x digital zoom, five portrait lighting effects

• iPhone XS Max: Dual 12-megapixel camera (f 1.8 wide-angle and f2.4 telephoto), 10x digital zoom, five portrait lighting effects

The iPhone XR livens up the iPhone family. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Battery life

Apple never shares specific battery capacity (usually measured in milliampere hours, or mAh), but does give guidance on how much longer than other devices it expects these phones to last. The iPhone XR could potentially have the longest battery life of the three, though we won’t know for sure until after we test all three phones.

• iPhone XR: Apple claims it will run 90 minutes longer than the iPhone 8 Plus, the longest-lasting iPhone of 2017

• iPhone XS: Apple claims it will run 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X

• iPhone XS Max: Apple claims it will run 90 minutes longer than the iPhone X

Internal storage

• iPhone XR: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

• iPhone XS: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB

• iPhone XS Max: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB

Preorder and sale dates

• iPhone XR: Preorder Oct. 19; sale date Oct. 26

• iPhone XS: Preorder Sept. 14; sale date Sept. 21

• iPhone XS Max: Preorder Sept. 14; sale date Sept. 21

iPhone XR, XS, XS Max specs and price

iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone XR

Display size, resolution

5.8-inch Super Retina OLED; 2,436×1,125 pixels

6.5-inch Super Retina OLED; 2,688×1,242 pixels

6.1-inch LCD Retina Display; 1,792×828 pixels

Pixel density

458 ppi

458 ppi


Dimensions (Inches)

5.7×2.8×0.3 in

6.2×3.0x.3 in

5.9×3.0x0.33 in

Dimensions (Millimeters)




Weight (Ounces, Grams)

6.24 oz; 177g

7.3; 208g

6.8oz; 194g

Mobile software

iOS 12

iOS 12

iOS 12


Dual 12-megapixel

Dual 12-megapixel

Single 12-megapixel

Front-facing camera

7-megapixel with Face ID

7-megapixel with Face ID

7-megapixel with Face ID

Video capture





Apple A12 Bionic

Apple A12 Bionic

Apple A12 Bionic


64GB, 256GB, 512GB

64GB, 256GB, 512GB

64GB, 128GB, 256GB





Expandable storage





N/A, but Apple claims it will last 30 min. longer than iPhone X

N/A, but Apple claims it will last 90 min. longer than iPhone X

N/A, but Apple claims it will last 90 min. longer than iPhone 8 Plus

Fingerprint sensor

None (Face ID)

None (Face ID)

None (Face ID)





Headphone jack




Special features

Water-resistant (IP68); dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM); wireless charging; Face ID, Animoji

Water-resistant (IP68); dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM); wireless charging; Face ID, Animoji

Water-resistant: IP67, dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM); wireless charging; Face ID, Animoji

Price off-contract (USD)

$999 (64GB), $1,149 (256GB), $1,349 (512GB)

$1,099 (64GB), $1,249 (256GB), $1,449 (512GB)

$749 (64GB), $799 (128GB), $899 (256GB)

Price (GBP)

£999 (64GB), £1,149 (256GB), £1,349 (512GB)

$1,099 (64GB), $1,249 (256GB), $1,449 (512GB)

£749 (64GB), £799 (128GB), £899 (256GB)

Price (AUD)

AU$1,629 (64GB), AU$1,879 (256GB), AU$2,199 (512GB)

AU$1,799 (64GB), AU$2,049 (256GB), AU$2,369 (512GB)

AU$1,229 (64GB), AU$1,299 (128GB), AU$1,479 (256GB)

Everything Apple announced at its Sept. 12 event: Our exhaustive roundup.

iPhone XR, XS, XS Max: Apple’s three new iPhones start at $749.