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Where new PM Pakistan Imran Khan will be residing during his premiership ?

On 26th July approximately 18 hours after polling ending, PTI Chairman Imran Khan made a speech and claimed to be emerged as single largest party in National Assembly. He made several commitment during his mass gatherings in last 5 years in which one of the urge was to opt simplicity instead lavish governing style, he announced he will feel shame if he shifts to PM house when the nation is suffering with so many hardships.

Islamabad Police met Khan and told him that SOP cant be implemented in Banigala’s residence so he has to move whereas Imran Khan asked him to selected the lowest standard residence in Minister Enclave.

A house in the Ministers’ Enclave in Islamabad will be declared the official residence of Imran Khan, who is set to become Pakistan’s new prime minister, as his private house is vulnerable to threats, according to a media report.

Khan’s Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has emerged as the single largest party in the National Assembly after the July 25 elections. Khan, 65, would take oath as the prime minister on August 11.

Khan, in his victory speech on July 26, had announced that he would not use the Prime Minister’s House as his residence and that his party would later decide the fate of the building.

Shortly after his party’s victory in the elections, the police and the district administration started extending VVIP protocol and security to Khan. Security was tightened around Khan’s Banigala residence, Dawn newspaper reported.

Senior police officers visited Khan’s Banigala residence and assessed the home and the area around it, including the hills.

The police officials said there was no standard operating procedure for the prime minister in-waiting, but since Khan is likely to be the next prime minister, necessary measures have been taken for his security, the report said.

They discussed security issues with PTI leader Naeemul Haq as well as the chief security officer of the residence, it said.

Issues regarding the official residence of the prime minister-in-waiting also came under discussion. The officials briefed them about the standard operating procedure (SOP) related to the security and protocol of the prime minister, the report added.

The senior officers also met Khan and briefed him about security and protocol.

During the meeting, the district administration officials told him that his residence could not be provided foolproof security as the area was open and vulnerable to threats.

Earlier, there was an option to declare Banigala residence as Khan’s official residence.

Khan then agreed not to use Banigala as his official residence, the officials told Dawn.

A few more options were also given to him, including using an accommodation at the Ministers’ Enclave, which he accepted, the report said.

However, he asked for a lowest category house at the enclave, it said.

There are flats which fall in the lowest category, but since necesary SOPs and protocol for prime minister could not be implemented there, the senior officers advised Khan against using a flat and instead prefer a house to which Khan agreed, the report said.

Emirates A380 World’s Largest landed at this airport for the first time.

Its a moment of immense pleasure for us that Emirates have shared its confidence and trust in us and landing its fleet biggest airbus A380 here for the first time making history.

Emirates on Tuesday announced that it will deploy a one-off A380 service to Islamabad on July 8, 2018, with the airline’s iconic double-decker making its inaugural arrival in Islamabad on a special flight EK2524/EK2525.

The A380 flight will depart Dubai at 8am and arrive in Islamabad at 12.10pm. The flight will depart Islamabad at 3.40pm, arriving in Dubai at 5.45pm on the same day.

“We are proud to bring our flagship A380 aircraft to Islamabad and we look forward to showcasing our innovative products on board this iconic aircraft with the signature Emirates service. While this is a special flight, we are very keen to launch a scheduled A380 service to Pakistan and will continue to work with authorities to realise these plans,” said Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, divisional senior vice-president, commercial operations centre, Emirates.

The Emirates A380 aircraft on this special one-off service will be in a two-class configuration offering seats in economy class and seats in business class as well as Emirates’ onboard lounge. Passengers in all classes enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Emirates and Pakistan have a shared history tracing back over 30 years when the airline’s flight landed in Karachi on October 25, 1985. In the last three decades, Emirates has progressively expanded its operations and offering global connectivity to Pakistan’s major cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Sialkot, and Multan.

What makes Pakistan Super League PSL better than IPL?

What is cricket for Pakistan? Is it only a game? What kind of magnetic influence it has which drags us in one pool and binds us as an aggressive motivation positive nation for a certain period. Beside of the fact that we are isolated from the main stream when other countries are enjoying their seasons and we are justifying an unjust case. It won’t be wrong if we say Pakistan is over-punished. It’s been not months now it’s been years close to almost a decade. Just like football is believed to be a religion in Europe, cricket is our nation religion for the majority. This game erodes human from malls and roads and makes us stunt especially if rivals come in final or semi final against us. Unless we won’t understand the intensity what it actually means to us we won’t be able to pull it back on our soil.

Whereas the last year Pakistan Superleague show 2016 made everyone stunt with its spontaneous success. What can conclude with this successful show is people are striving and eager for healthy entertainment. People are aggressive, passionate, hopeful, eager and really looking forward to making this happen in the best of the best way possible.

How this show became successful at viewers end? It’s all about execution. It won’t be the wrong giving credit to our rivals that they are extremely good in presenting their heritage cultures and sports. Unfortunately, we as a nation as well as people are least bothered about it. Things which should have happened way early are just happening now. Our personal interests and egos are the major hurdle in making decisions and making things happen. This game brings people on one side focused towards single objective

Well, the major thing which makes this PSL better in quality and standard than IPL (Indian premier league) is scandalized. It is believed and observed that IPL is used to make illegal money and for the same reason its CEO been investigated and sent to jail. Whereas Pakistan Super League has no such resemblance.

Pakistan biggest local cricket tournament conceives imminent international key players from various teams who makes it extremely thrilling and exciting in the shortest version of the game. It is planned that final of PSL ’17 will be played in Lahore Pakistan. We may call it ‘pilot test’ as the revival of cricket is intensely allied with its successful execution.

What makes PSL better than all other leagues?

  • Non Scandalised
  • Quality execution
  • Extreme action and thrill
  • Not just business purpose
  • Real entertainment
  • International players loved to be a part

As far as teams are the concern, there are 5 teams taking part in the tournament. Following are the teams Peshawar (Zalmi) from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Karachi (Kings) from Sindh, Islamabad (United) from federal, Lahore (Qalandars) from Punjab and Quetta (Gladiators) from Baluchistan. Last time Islamabad faced Quetta in final and Misbah took the trophy home. So let’s see this time who takes the feather on or it remains in the same cap.

Another reason for the success of this show is business tycoons and media houses are their main sponsors, some renowned celebrities are their brand ambassadors. New brains are behind the screen which rigorously worked hard to inject creative branding which helped them make this show extremely well presented.

All the best stunners, coaches, management, field man, coordinators and all those individuals who are somehow directly and indirectly associated with this show we expect thrilling exciting and fighting show and efficient updates. Hope this show fetches all international teams back to play on our soil and we will be able to bring back our breath.