Italy Prime Minister resigned

Italian Prime Minister Resigned Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte intentionally chose to quit before a confidence vote. Parties will now scramble to form a new majority or face elections. It is an extremely volatile situation in Italy Politics. Almost leaving the country to trash he announced his resignation Italy PM leaving the office with chaos in government and opposition benches, He should have waited for voting, Reelections in Italy to … Continue reading Italy Prime Minister resigned

Jesus emerged in the sky: Rome Italy

Thousand of Europeans observed glowing and bright shine of Jesus emerging clouds out of the sky in Rome Italy. Moment strengthened the faith of Jesus in their Hearts like never before. many Europeans cried and put the list of wishes, desires, and problems to Jesus and asked for forgiveness. Many people claimed this as unicorn moment in their life and believed them as extremely lucky … Continue reading Jesus emerged in the sky: Rome Italy

The Nations League draw is complete

England will face Spain and Croatia in the UEFA Nations League following Wednesday’s draw. The Three Lions are bidding to win the group and progress to the Final Four showpiece in the summer of 2019. Wales will play Denmark and the Republic of Ireland in League B while Northern Ireland takes on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria. In League C, Scotland takes on Israel and … Continue reading The Nations League draw is complete

Hard luck Italy, failed to qualify for WC2018 in 60 years

What a sad day for Football fans all around the World watching the #Legend Buffon for the last time in Italy national football team colors. Sweden Beat Italy 1-0 on aggregate to reach the finals of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. The team with 2nd most World Cup Trophies failed on a big day. Italy has won 4 World Cups, 1932, 1934, 1982 & 2006 in more recent times. An emotional and … Continue reading Hard luck Italy, failed to qualify for WC2018 in 60 years