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Glasses can cost you a Most expensive beer: Ashes writer in Manchester Hotel

How can this happen on the planet? How can be Ashes so costly for people around? It simply amazed me while reading the story of this writer so innocent and heart throwing experience. No man how can you misjudge the most important document so calmly? I lived in Manchester but never found it so damn expensive. Manchester Hotel screw customer with a most expensive beer in his life while he was on job for Ashes
An Australian cricket writer has claimed to have been charged for “the most expensive beer in history” in the United Kingdom while working to cover this year’s Ashes series.
Peter Lalor, who writes for The Australian, yesterday said he had been charged $99,983.64 (£55,284) for a glass of Deuchars beer at the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester.
“I didn’t have my reading glasses when (the bar attendant) presented me with a bill for the beer and when she had some problems with the machine, I didn’t think much of it,” the writer posted to Twitter. My advice never forget your glasses while you go out to dine
“Something, however, made me ask ‘how much did I just pay for that beer’. She checked, covered her mouth, started to giggle and refused to tell me, saying only there had been a mistake and she would fix it.”
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Mr. Lalor had been slugged the almost $100,000-sum as well as a $2499.59 (£1381) transaction fee in the mix-up.
Australian cricket writer Peter Lalor has claimed to have been charged almost $100,000 for ‘the most expensive beer in history’. (Twitter/Peter Lalor)
While the fee has since been refunded, the grand cost of the beverage is yet to be returned.
“It really is baffling that both Visa and our bank would allow such an amount to go through unquestioned,” he said.

First Semi-Final, NZ steals it from favorites

The first semi-final has just been played between India and New Zealand where you know who were the favorites. In Old Trafford fans ration was 85:15 % India: New Zealand. What a match it turned to put in the end was unexpected and exciting. It was a kind of roller coaster for fans in the Old Trafford. Fans around the world are saying its all about “Karma”, which means tit for tat. In the match, India played with England if they would have taken it serious than India had to face Pakistan in semi-final and that’s where the past record states Pakistan never won in such scenarios but India cautiously lost to England fetch New Zealand in semi-final and here is the result of the first semi you have seen. Pakistan, people are enjoying the moments at there best as its all over for India in the World Cup # CWC19.

We have a couple of funny jokes trolling on the internet we did like to share a few of them

RAF Choppers observed in the sky: MEN

Black choppers were seen by residents on Tuesday in the sky which they perceived has been carried out in preparation of Brexit precautionary measures however it has nothing to do with that. Black choppers were a part of pre-annual training carried out for exercise which has to happen in Afghanistan later this year. It was among 4 cities which are a part of training and Manchester is one of them. Residents in NorthernMoor and Wythenshawe reported seeing the helicopters overhead.

One eyewitness tweeted to say that he could see the aircraft from his garden and spotted crew ‘aiming their machine guns out the side’. Another resident said two helicopters were ‘right over’ his house in Wythenshawe. Troops from 4 Para and 4 Lancs Army Reserves were on board the aircraft with helicopter crews. They were carrying out a training exercise ahead of deployment to Afghanistan later this year.

Military helicopters were spotted in the skies above Manchester on Tuesday (Image: Adam Pritchard) Nothing to do with Brexit

Manchester is one of four locations where these exercises are taking place and while in the city crews will also be doing some training with the emergency services. In a statement, the RAF said the training is ‘invaluable’ as the Manchester area is unfamiliar to many of the crews. This is said to ‘help replicate the unfamiliarity’ they have with areas in Afghanistan in a safe environment, prior to their deployment.

The Puma Force currently supports the ongoing NATO training mission in Afghanistan, with their role dubbed Operation TORAL. They are used to transport troops, weapons and ammunition and stores on the battlefield.

A helicopter was spotted in the sky above Wythenshawe (Image: Rain or Shine Manc Twitter)

The choppers also play a vital role in responding to casualties and medical emergencies.

Last week, another military training exercise took place at Manchester Central Fire Station in Ancoats.

Crew members were spotted abseiling out of AS365N3 Dauphins onto the roof of the building.

Eyewitnesses said the helicopters were part of the elite SAS counter-terrorism unit nicknamed ‘Blue Thunder’.

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Get festive at these winters fairs: Christmas Markets in London 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year  nearly. Not only Britishers but from all around Europe families, tourists and teenagers plans to make a round of one of the Worlds known spot in Europe, London. Perhaps officials realised it and move strategies accordingly to accommodate every single tourists in the best possible way. In regards to space, food, entertainment and security of course.

It may still be a fair few weeks before the big day itself, but London is already getting into the Christmas spirit with a number of winter markets chock-full of mulled wine and mince pies.

There are Bavarian beer halls, street food extravaganzas, fondue igloos and plenty of other wintry delights to be had, so pull on your cosiest Christmas jumper, get your fake reindeer horns out and go down to one of these festive markets









The Southbank Centre’s popular Winter Market is returning this year with two new bars added to its array of yuletide delights. Cheese lovers should head to Bar Under the Bridge, which will be serving up a range of festively themed fromage snacks and cocktails, while the Circus Bar – complete with cosy fire pits – will be on hand to offer meaty snacks and plenty of mulled wine and cider to wash it all down with. Elsewhere there will be a range of stalls selling winter street food favourites from around the culinary globe. Instagrammers need only head to one place, though: Jimmy Garcia’s cheese fondue igloos.

London is known as the best tourist spot all around nearly 50 million people commute in London during a month, official stats. Keeping such a high volume of human displacement in view London Transport is well aware of all mandatory steps needed to be taken