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Apple all set to GO Digital

Traditionally Apple makes it way to customers in September every year when ever it claims something new for users however September is sure but date is not. The very first thing users imagine is its outlook and second is possible changes it will bring on to entice users. We managed to get some idea from case manufacturers images reveled to get an idea about this upcoming new model however relying on same source of scoops customers are getting I phone 12 outlook something they possibly have experienced back in years, believe it or not do not get disappointment because the coming model will be unicorn 5G enabled technology, Lets dive in further details

iPhone 12 rumors: Apple may announce it on Sept. 10, launch phone ...

Here is a look on some of the new Apple gadgets people can expect this September

Get festive at these winters fairs: Christmas Markets in London 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year  nearly. Not only Britishers but from all around Europe families, tourists and teenagers plans to make a round of one of the Worlds known spot in Europe, London. Perhaps officials realised it and move strategies accordingly to accommodate every single tourists in the best possible way. In regards to space, food, entertainment and security of course.

It may still be a fair few weeks before the big day itself, but London is already getting into the Christmas spirit with a number of winter markets chock-full of mulled wine and mince pies.

There are Bavarian beer halls, street food extravaganzas, fondue igloos and plenty of other wintry delights to be had, so pull on your cosiest Christmas jumper, get your fake reindeer horns out and go down to one of these festive markets









The Southbank Centre’s popular Winter Market is returning this year with two new bars added to its array of yuletide delights. Cheese lovers should head to Bar Under the Bridge, which will be serving up a range of festively themed fromage snacks and cocktails, while the Circus Bar – complete with cosy fire pits – will be on hand to offer meaty snacks and plenty of mulled wine and cider to wash it all down with. Elsewhere there will be a range of stalls selling winter street food favourites from around the culinary globe. Instagrammers need only head to one place, though: Jimmy Garcia’s cheese fondue igloos.

London is known as the best tourist spot all around nearly 50 million people commute in London during a month, official stats. Keeping such a high volume of human displacement in view London Transport is well aware of all mandatory steps needed to be taken

Buffet and other owns $426.2 b money, 50% people in the world altogether owns

You will be surprised to know the names of business tycoons who owns $426 billion which is almost equal to the amount of money owned by 50% of the people living in this world. Yes it’s huge and it’s unusual but for them it’s normal. Moreover not only they are the highest earners but also share the highest amount of charity work

Here is the list of people you need to know


  1. $75b bill gates co-founder Microsoft in the mids 70’s
  1.  $67b Amancio Ortega Opened the ZARA fashion shop in 1975

  2. $60.8b Warren buffet Founded investment firm, birk shire, Hathaway

4.$50b Carlos slim helo major owner of telecom firm America Movil

5.$45.2b Jeff Bezos Founder and CEO of online retailer Amazon.com

6.$44.6b Mark Zuckerberg Founded facebook in 2004 while being a college

7.$43.6b  Larry Ellison Co-founder of software firm Oracle

8.$40b Michael Bloomberg Created the eponymous financial information provider in 1981