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What to expect from festive season this year?

Online sales have escalated during this pandemic quite unanticipated its for the same reason everyone knows #Covid19 changed out life styles and habits, so is consumer buying behavior. In US auto vendors are offering touch less free auto buying or curb side buying which means paper work online and keys can be delivered at door or on curbside.

What to expect from this year festival season? Although shopping trends have changed and customers are encouraged to buy online their most of the essentials but still brick shopping is inevitable. Precautions and split holidays sale will be in SOP list of the retailers. Brands instead focusing on one day are choosing multiples days for Halloween, Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Hence festival season used to start in November earlier is just kicking off this weekend.

Discount and Sales all shifted online
  • Walmart said Wednesday that it will have in-store Black Friday sales, but it’s breaking them up into three different sales events.
  • The big-box retailer is taking safety precautions, such as having employees distribute sanitized shopping carts and limiting the number of customers inside the store.
  • Scott McCall, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for Walmart U.S., said the company wants to deliver on low prices, convenience and safety — no matter how customers choose to shop.

Only 1 follower on social media wont buy out of 10. read more

Only 1 follower will leave with empty cart out of 10 if,

It is often said crises comes up with some opportunity, we all know the crises businesses are facing explicitly Retail, Hotel, food and travel industry are observing unanticipated decline in sales and forced to either shut the brick and barter stores or furlough/ layoff employees. Customers are bound to opt digital medium to shop necessities or other essential shopping. It is a time for brands not to just sell to their customers but help them in shopping which will have long lasting impact on customers memory.

Every customers is expecting that his product list will be available online at the time he need it and never thought of out of stock or unavailable item. Customers who are linked with brands on social media and following there deals are most likely to buy those items at least 9/10 of the customers. Social sharing platforms that emphasize videos and photos, like YouTube and Instagram, have boosted their popularity among younger consumers. It was said by some tech mind giant in 2008 that in a span of few years the significance of data will be on the top which will force every brand to be on social media than anywhere else, so is all happened.


There are chances that 90% of the customers following brands on social media will buy product, mean 9/10

Turn this crises into opportunity, don’t just sell customer, help him out in shopping and turn him your loyal customer

Costco Brick and barter sales have declined due to observing Pandemic restrictions such as social distance, stay at home and primarily other industry such as travel, food, optical and hearing are not performing due to lock down. However Costco e-commerce sales have out performed by 88% as customers using digital platform to place orders during lock down.