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Technology takeover expected

Technology beyond imagination is just taking its way towards users

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you thought Samsung foldable phone ambitions were wacky, you may want to think again after patents emerged suggesting a transparent smartphone could be in the works. The patents, which were filed in January but only surfaced in August, describe the complicated steps and technologies required to create a transparent phone


Talk about technology takeover. It is reported that Samsung is reportedly working on releasing the world’s first transparent phone. The pixels on the mobile’s display would allow light to pass through and that is effectively going to make the screen go transparent. Just remember that we’re talking about the transparent phone, not invisible. Do you think its going to change the ‘cellphone’ culture in years to come? More on Adcave!

In January 2020, Samsung Electronics filed a utility patent with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). The patent was published on August 27, 2020 and describes the technology needed to create a transparent smartphone. Alternatively, the technology could also be applicable to other consumer electronics products, such as a TV, monitor, laptop, game console and / or camera.

As a basis, an OLED display is used, which is characterized by low power consumption, high brightness and a faster response time than conventional LCD displays. The OLED screen is equipped with a transparent luminous display panel through which light can shine. Thus, content can be displayed on the transparent screen while users can simultaneously see through the phone.

It can be a flat display, but also a flexible screen that can bend, fold and / or roll – according to the patent description. It is a technically defined patent that goes into great detail about the different layers and components required to achieve transparency.


Apple’s this quarter revenue beats all anticipations explicitly flagship product remained impressive

Apple Inc. delivered its best-ever revenue for the June quarter, typically its weakest period, as demand for high-price iPhones remained resilient and services like app-store sales swelled to all-time highs.

The results for Apple’s fiscal third quarter show how the world’s most valuable company is finding ways to grow amid a contracting global smartphone market that is roiling its rivals.

“Growth was strong all around the world,” Apple finance chief Luca Maestri said during an interview.

Though iPhone sales usually weaken in the spring and summer as anticipation builds for new devices expected in September, Mr. Maestri said demand has remained consistent, particularly for the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus. “Customers are really valuing the features in the products,” he said. Shares of Apple, up 28% over the past year, rose 2.6% to $195.30 in after-hours trading.

Apple’s move to raise iPhone prices continued to pay off in the period with sales of its flagship product rising 14.4% to $29.91 billion even as shipments rose less than 1% to 41.3 million. Meanwhile, the company’s services business reported record revenue of $9.55 billion, a 31% increase from a year ago, strengthening the case that Apple is in the midst of a transformation from a device-driven business into one increasingly reliant on sales of subscriptions and software.

The combination drove total revenue up 17% to $53.27 billion in the latest period, above Wall Street expectations and near the high end of its own guidance. Profit rose 32% to $11.52 billion, or $2.34 a share, also above analysts’ consensus estimates.

Apple signaled it expects to sustain strong iPhone sales in the current quarter with a forecast for total revenue of between $60 billion and $62 billion, which would represent a healthy 14% to 18% increase from a year ago. The expected jump reflects a small boost from a trio of new devices the company is expected to release in September, analysts say, including an update to the $999 iPhone X, its first oversize phone with an organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, display and a 6.1” LCD phone with facial recognition technology.

The new phones are projected to be priced between $699 for the LCD device and $1,099 for the plus-size handset, according to UBS, potentially ensuring another year of higher average iPhone prices to lift Apple’s total revenue.

Analysts had estimated the $999 iPhone X made up one-quarter of total iPhones sold, which helped lift average selling prices per iPhone by nearly 20% to about $724.

Tiny device (Amazon’s VA) can help you in following ways to make your life calm

This tiny gadget has engaged 70% of Americans and if you were lucky enough to have an Alexa-enabled device wrapped up for you under the tree, now is the time to unpack it from the box and put her to work.

This “smart” device is getting smarter by the second. What one can accomplish from the comfort of the couch while using just one’s voice is truly remarkable. But now that you have Alexa at your disposal, what are some of the best ways she can work for you?

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Alexa can make you surprise in the following ways:

She can order you dinner

Alexa connects to food delivery apps like GrubHub, Domino’s and Seamless, as well as Amazon Restaurants. Connect her to your food delivery app of choice ahead of time so that the next time your stomach starts to grumble during that Netflix marathon all you have to do is ask Alexa to reorder your favorite dish.

You can stop calling her Alexa

Is “Alexa” not exactly the name of choice for your new right-hand woman? Is “Beyonce,” TK or “hey, you!” more your style? To drop the “Alexa” which is called the “wake” word, just go to Settings and pick a different wake word.

Now if Alexa could only figure out how to serve cocktails and rub our feet, we’d be all set

She connects to Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio

Simply connect your favorite music program to the Alexa app and she’ll crank out all your favorite tunes — or find some new discoveries by genre. Sick of what you’re hearing? Ask her to play the next song, or make a specific request

She can give you a ride

Lyft is integrated with Alexa, so all you have to do is ask her to request rides — she’ll even remember where to take you to work. Super handy for the next time you’re running late and need a ride STAT!

She can tell you when it’s going to rain

Alexa can spit out a basic weather forecast for your area during set-up. But if you favor details a Doppler can give you, CNET says opening the Alexa app and enabling the Big Sky skill can tell you when it’s going to rain almost down the minute. Never be caught without an umbrella again.

She can go shopping

Out of toilet paper? Short on snacks? Alexa connects to your Amazon Prime account, so all you have to do is shout out your necessities, request Prime Now and get what you need in a jiffy.

She can remind you to do things

Have something in the oven? Need to remember to call someone or move your car at a certain time? Alexa has a built-in reminder and timer — all you have to do is ask her to remind you to do something or time something and she’ll do it.

She can make calls and find your phone

Load your contacts (don’t forget your own number!) into Alexa and the next time you have to call your mom, you can do it hands-free. Lose your phone? Alexa can call that, too

I Phone X customer reviews

Every iPhone is a good Phone but I Phone X means a lot more. We have been waiting for this phone a long time. Now Apple says it’s a reimaging and a lot of new features like Apple get rid of a Home button and also a finger sensor and OLED screen planted first time in Apple phones.

I Phone X vs I Phone 8

DesignThe iPhone X is the design champ here, with that edge-to-edge screen and lack of a home button. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is much more familiar. All the phones are IP67 rated, have glass backs for wireless charging and no headphone jack.

Specs: The new 10nm A11 chip powers both phones, though RAM has yet to be determined. The iPhone X gets the new OLED display, while the 8 and 8 Plus have to stick with IPS LCD.

Price: The iPhone 8 starts £/$699 for the smaller model for 64GB and £/$849 for the 256GB model. The 8 Plus is £/$100 more and the iPhone X starts at £/$999

Customer reviews

Customer concerns: Price, So much costly, $1000 so much for I phone X. Don’t u think Apple is digging your pocket for $1000? Competitors have a same display size phones and almost same features but much lower prices.

The biggest difference between the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X is the industrial design. Apple’s lack of real advancement in design dampened the iPhone 7 and left us with a phone that felt the same as the iPhone 6

Concerns about display: Some people disappointed with the display size. If you are paying $1000 for 1 phone and display is not much bigger so videos and pictures are in smaller sizes in I phone X because of its cut out bars.

Threat: Some features are not as good as other in iPhone X like Display not much bright if you compare I phone X with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I Phone X has 625 nits and Samsung galaxy note 8 has 1240 nits. Hope Apple will address this issue in its next model.

Weakness: Not everyone is comfortable with face detection unlock feature in Apple. Phone X has a face ID its good but not so much convenient because you have to always watch your phone to Unlock in better light conditions.

The main thing is IOS 11. Yes, you can update your previous devices like I Phone 5s to  I Phone 7 plus. You can feel the heat off I phone X with the help of operating system then why so spend $1000 to by I Phone X for some features. Think about it.

  • Back glass is also a drop- X in my view. Accidentally if you drop you I Phone X there is a lot of chances to starch Your I Phone X back and front.
  • Everything in I Phone X revolves around gestures. You have to learn how to deal with this machine. New User feels so much uncomfortable while using this machine.
  • I Phone X  has 2716mAh battery,. If You are a Phone addictive then I Phone X is not made for you.
  • There are a lot of other Phones in the market having a better and big battery for the user to spend more time and enjoy.

Image result for iphone X

Strength of I Phone X 

First time Apple uses OLED Screen in I phone X. it’s a one of the major change in this field. I Phone X infinite display feature. As we all know Apple launch its three flagships in September 2017 so I Phone X is a more eye-catching machine because of it’s a lot of new features.

  • This phone is designed to use as a portrait.
  • I Phone use a11 bionic chip. It’s so fast.
  • Phone not a curved phone like Samsung and other manufacturers.
  • It’s a stainless steel border with glass cover on its backside. It’s a unique feature that Apple added the first time.

Let’s talk about  I Phone Camera.

  • Dual 12 MP f/1.8 & f/2.4 face detection autofocus OIS, 2x, optical Zoom, Quad –LED(Dual-tone)flash
  • The secondary camera comes with 7MP with HDR, face dictation and panorama.
  • I Phone X is so vibrant in colors. Its much better east to read texts.

Let’s talk about I phone X most important feature face ID

First of all, if u don’t want to use face ID  You can use Password. But it looks good if u watch your phone and its unlocked every time.

  • Face Id use 30000 dots to ensure that it’s your face and send it to A11 chip very fast and Unlocked it. There is also a lot of new changes In IOS 11 like control center and notification view.

Opportunity: I Phone X has a 2716 mAh battery. It means it’s not enough for those who are phone addictive. They can enhance the battery life for phone additives.