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Next Hays for crashing Mother care – Mamas & Papas Retail brands in the UK?

Mother care to put its remaining 79 business outlets vulnerable in the UK

Latest UK Retail business update: Mother care revealed it could not continue further with the decade old loss in Retail Business and have decided to put remaining 79 Business outlets vulnerable the chain business store count had fallen from 137 in May 2018 to 79. Point of concern here is who will rescue Mother care ?

Thousands of shoppers left everything behind and left for Mother care nearest outlet as soon as they heard about clearance sale at Mother care. Since last week when Mother care administration phase announced and closure of all outlets were accepted all the shoppers were almost expecting such announcement

Most recently we did see Britain oldest Holiday maker Thomas Cook had to halt its operations due to almost same reason but at the 11th hour Hays rescued and took over the Business and confirmed employees to continue working for the same brand under Hays administration. We are looking froward who appears to rescue Mother care plunging Retail Business?

Who will be the next Hays to Rescue Mother care before it joins Thomas Cook club

In less than 2 weeks of announcement made by Mother care of closure of its all outlets in the UK amid financial crises, its rival Mamas and Papas have the same cards for its customers and its quite depressing that within almost 15 days 2 major and oldest Retail brands of children garments have decided to pack.