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Scam at Curry’s PC World

Worlds major problem has finally got a path way. Food industry in the world is one of the major industry among other. Every year one third of the food produced goes to bin which is alarming situation on the same planet where poverty escalated exponentially in the last decade. Food produced should not end up like wise which is around 1.3 billion tons. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Food waste costs the US and other developed countries about $680 billion.

To counter this major issue one of the grocery Chain in US has decided to dive in to address the issue by tech based solution, they developed an app that predicts all the products expiring in near time and puts them on discount that starts from 50 % and on wards, this online app entice online customers to buy those discounted products nearing to expire at cheap price instead shifting those products to waste. Online consumers place an order online and get to that particular grocery store , an area has been allocated for such products so that they could be grabbed from a single place. Once the customers grabs that product which he did buy online he gets on the counter shows him the online order confirmation and check out the store.

“All the items put into this app are an automatic 50 per cent of the retail price,”

As you download the app on your phone, you can start searching discounts right away. choose the items buy from your smartphone and get to store pick them up at Flash food Zone. To check out, take those items to an aisle marked “Flash food” and let the cashier know that you’re taking advantage of those deals.

  • Fresh Prepared meals
  • Basic items like bread,milk, eggs, bakery items
  • home made collection
  • Freshly made products

About 795 million people in the world were undernourished Hunger and malnutrition are in fact the number one risk to health worldwide — greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

If your local grocery store isn’t listed as a Flash food partner, you can reach out to the company and they’ll try to team up with the chain. So far, the Flash food has teamed up with five grocery chains and diverted more than 100,000 units of food — the equivalent of 30,000 miles worth of greenhouse gas emissions. The app plans to continue expanding over the year.

An amazing tech solution for addressing biggest Retail food issue is just expanding but needs to be opted globally as food wastage issue in developing countries is inevitable

Most Recent Retail Scam: Fraudsters have stolen thousands of pounds from Curry’s PC World customers after hijacking the retailer’s eBay account. Criminals were able to change payment details on a number of eBay listings, including for the iPhone 11.This enabled them to siphon money from unwitting customers who paid for goods via a PayPal account.

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