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Do you need Discount vouchers?

Summer Collection discount

If you are looking to shop top quality products without spending much of your notes you must visit this online store at least once to have an idea what kind of quality they are sharing. You will be surprised and will stop shopping expensive online stores just like we did. Lets have a 2 minute tour of online store now


Closing summer sale

Every second person in the US visit online store and shops some product. If you are one of them and stuck with price or quality of products you must need this e commerce store to visit and shop around it does not only offers economical price of high quality product but also offers great customer service. This online store offers free vouchers on your first purchase and there is no limit on first purchase as well whether you buy for $5 or $20 you are eligible for those vouchers.

Men summer sale closing

Summer sale discount is ending?

Amazon Go making its way to.

Amazon extending its Amazon Go technology to commercial side for various reasons. What is this technology? Amazon has launched Amazon Go in various retail outlets in US which enhance customer shopping experience explicitly while check out. Long ques have always been an inevitable constraint for shoppers, they tends to change the store just to avoid long ques and delays in check out. Amazon Go addressed customers concern and launched its own stores with cash free check outs. Those stores and outlets allows customers to get the product from shelves and receipt from counter no cash transaction involved in the process. This has result great response from customers side Amazon Go claimed it.

  • Amazon opened its first Brick and Mortar in 2015
  • Amazon launched its Amazon Go store in Jan 2018
  • It will help spreading beyond Retail industry
  • Minimize online shopping dependency
  • Enhance corporate binding
  • enable them to interact with rivals
  • Also will lead to cloud Business

Now to extend this across various verticals f the business where Amazon facing entry constraints due to various reasons they have used this tool and revealed to extend this tech in commercial areas such as cinemas, airports and other public places. Cashier less shopping entice customers and enhance trust.

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Tiny device (Amazon’s VA) can help you in following ways to make your life calm

This tiny gadget has engaged 70% of Americans and if you were lucky enough to have an Alexa-enabled device wrapped up for you under the tree, now is the time to unpack it from the box and put her to work.

This “smart” device is getting smarter by the second. What one can accomplish from the comfort of the couch while using just one’s voice is truly remarkable. But now that you have Alexa at your disposal, what are some of the best ways she can work for you?

Image result for alexa

Alexa can make you surprise in the following ways:

She can order you dinner

Alexa connects to food delivery apps like GrubHub, Domino’s and Seamless, as well as Amazon Restaurants. Connect her to your food delivery app of choice ahead of time so that the next time your stomach starts to grumble during that Netflix marathon all you have to do is ask Alexa to reorder your favorite dish.

You can stop calling her Alexa

Is “Alexa” not exactly the name of choice for your new right-hand woman? Is “Beyonce,” TK or “hey, you!” more your style? To drop the “Alexa” which is called the “wake” word, just go to Settings and pick a different wake word.

Now if Alexa could only figure out how to serve cocktails and rub our feet, we’d be all set

She connects to Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio

Simply connect your favorite music program to the Alexa app and she’ll crank out all your favorite tunes — or find some new discoveries by genre. Sick of what you’re hearing? Ask her to play the next song, or make a specific request

She can give you a ride

Lyft is integrated with Alexa, so all you have to do is ask her to request rides — she’ll even remember where to take you to work. Super handy for the next time you’re running late and need a ride STAT!

She can tell you when it’s going to rain

Alexa can spit out a basic weather forecast for your area during set-up. But if you favor details a Doppler can give you, CNET says opening the Alexa app and enabling the Big Sky skill can tell you when it’s going to rain almost down the minute. Never be caught without an umbrella again.

She can go shopping

Out of toilet paper? Short on snacks? Alexa connects to your Amazon Prime account, so all you have to do is shout out your necessities, request Prime Now and get what you need in a jiffy.

She can remind you to do things

Have something in the oven? Need to remember to call someone or move your car at a certain time? Alexa has a built-in reminder and timer — all you have to do is ask her to remind you to do something or time something and she’ll do it.

She can make calls and find your phone

Load your contacts (don’t forget your own number!) into Alexa and the next time you have to call your mom, you can do it hands-free. Lose your phone? Alexa can call that, too

First ever e-commerce platform where all you can exchange

Entrepreneurs in Pakistan are doing amazing job explicitly in the tech world. Start ups are bringing incredible ideas helping to generate billions in the economy.

One of the entrepreneurs is a way to advance in bringing something people may have not imagined but he is absolutely on his toes in its execution. What he believes is that its a high time to give people a platform where they are not bound to pay and they should be free to get what they want. Is that possible? How can you do this without spending money? His mind has worked and he managed to execute an idea which will enable people to exchange any thing like mobile/laptop/ households/motorcycle/vehicle etc even if they don’t have money in their pocket. An e commerce website which will allow you to get rid of the stuff you don’t want anymore with the stuff you actually need in the present time.

This website is about to get launch in next few months as it is in its half way almost and the team is working days and nights to make this project commercial.

All they want is to know how people respond to this amazingly unique idea which will change consumers life style like never before. All you need to do is to leave a comment down here share it with people to get the vast response.

How to make money online with zero cost?

The Internet is believed as the most lucrative medium to earn money if conceived or used accurately. People from all over the world are earning hell out of it in different ways. The very first thought comes to the mind is what you want to do? What are you interested in? Do you have any skill? Never mind if don’t have it. The most important thing which needs to be clear in your mind you can’t be a money man overnight. You have to start with an objective in mind what you want to do. You have to be dedicated towards it. There are 100 of the way to make money online it’s not mandatory if something works for someone it will surely work for you, No it may be.

Here are 5 best mediums which enable you to make money and get the reward by your unique skill. You need to know how they actually work. Why work for others when you can work at flexible hours at home and do the best out of it.


Most of the people presumably think that making the website or having your own cost them huge whereas it’s not the case. Do you know any platform which offers you free medium to express your idea and thought initially? Let us tell you Word press offers you to create your web page at no cost. You can play in it in various ways. Other than that there are various other websites which offer you domain and hosting much cheaper than your expectations. Web sites like Godaddy.com, Weebly, wix.com, webs.com, codeacademy.com, skynova.com, Corelangs.com, yola.com, wikihow.com.

Build your website and start blogging sharing your ideas and thoughts.


How can you use YouTube to earn money? It’s quite simple. They don’t ask you for a single penny. All they ask you to make your account at free of cost and upload fresh/not plagiarized videos once those videos start getting views, you can monetise them to get some money. You don’t need to work for specific hours. All videos in your mobile which you think can be helpful in any context for other people can be uploaded in your account. Headings and keywords matter a lot while uploading so is careful about it.


How can you use Facebook to earn money? That’s quite simple. You can first create a page and start promoting your page with attractive posts and spread among masses. You can even promote your post by paid advertising. There are a lot of ways to market your product/business to right people. Use tags to relevant people, groups and pages.


How one can use Google to earn money. If you want to expand your business than you can use add words pay per click to get right customer traffic? Google is the best platform to advertise your product to right customer and it makes sure that only relevant person sees your product.


What is blogging? It enables you to have either your own website or use other to have your thought shared with people you don’t know. You can write the blog on anything you are interested in, It could be sports, lifestyle, technology or anything that exists in the world and people wants to know about it or you want to tell people. There are numerous ways you can have your website. It is usually encouraged to have your own instead working for someone else, though it takes little more time and effort to create and manage.

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