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SpaceX kicked off all civilian mission

The Dragon capsule’s two men and two women are looking to spend three days circling the world from an unusually high orbit – 100 miles (160 kilometers) higher than the International Space Station – before splashing down off the Florida coast this weekend.

All civilians space mission just kicked off from Florida

Race of making Space trips affordable

At the other end of the industry’s payload spectrum, companies are working to achieve economies of scale with heavier rockets. Among the 10 most-launched rockets, the most affordable on a per-kilogram basis are SpaceX


At the other end of the industry’s payload spectrum, companies are working to achieve economies of scale with heavier rockets. Among the 10 most-launched rockets, the most affordable on a per-kilogram basis are SpaceX

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Falcon 9 and Roscosmos’ Proton M, both able to lift 20,000 kilograms (44,092 pounds) or more, according to a recent Federal Aviation Administration report. The most cost-efficient overall is the 63,800-kilogram-capacity Falcon Heavy, which successfully test-launched earlier this year. (No cost estimates were provided for several other mega-rockets currently in development, such as NASA’s Space Launch System.)

World’s most powerful rocket (Falcon Heavy) launched by SpaceX: Elon Musk

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful rocket, thundered to life and shot away from Florida Tuesday on the power of 27 engines and nearly 5 million pounds of thrust, kicking off a spectacular maiden flight to send founder Elon Musk’s cherry red Tesla Roadster on a “just for fun” journey into the asteroid belt well beyond Mars

This marks the first step towards Elon Musk’s ultimate goal of sending his cherry red Tesla Roadster on its way towards Mars. Elon Musk told reporters after the launch,

The pioneering rocket firm just pulled off the unexpected and carried out what appears to be a seamless first-ever launch of its massive new rocket, called Falcon Heavy.

That makes SpaceX, the game-changing company helmed by billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the owner of the world’s most powerful operational rocket.

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“I’m really proud of the SpaceX team. They’ve done an incredible job of creating the most advanced rocket in the world, and the biggest rocket in the world. If the test flight works, I think we’d be ready to put satellites on the next mission.”

As we have talked about it earlier that Falcon Heavy is built by combining three Falcon 9 rockets together. A pair of recycled boosters helped send a heavy payload (Roadster) to space. After eight minutes, those two Falcon 9 side boosters returned and landed simultaneously at landing pads at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Sending a heavy payload deep into space and retrieving two rockets back is certainly a great success of Space X for the beginnings.

Elon Musk is striving for the best he could

What comes in your mind as you think of some one who strives to make this planet sustainable for coming generations. The man who intends to swap everything that hurts planet with the one that enhances planet life anyway. Yes, Elon Reeve Musk is an American business visionary, creator, and speculator. He is best referred to for his part as CEO of electric-auto producer Tesla Motors and as a fellow benefactor of online cash exchange framework PayPal, and of business space program SpaceX. He has dipped himself in various projects whether you name PayPal or Tesla, Hyperloop or Space X.

His one of the project, he is focused on is to build a network of underground transport of dedicated track which is under pilot test in California.


Elon was born in South Africa, where he spent his youth and youthfulness. He was raised fundamentally by his dad, who was an architect. Elon wound up plainly inspired by PCs at a youthful age and started programming in his teenagers. After secondary school, Elon immigrated to Canada, where he went to school, and later exchanged to the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. When he was 24, he got just days into Ph.D. learns at Stanford University when he chose to leave and begin the first of what turned into a progression of multi-million-dollar business wanders with his brother, he began Zip2 with just $2,000, an organization that helped other people post substance, for example, maps and index postings.

Elon Musk is essentially known for the part he played in establishing the broadly known electronic cash exchange site Paypal.com. In spite of the fact that the organization been the subject of a few contentions, it remains the most confined in the medium for Internet business. Nowadays, Musk applies a similar creative energy and capacity to advance that he used to make PayPal a win to his authority of Tesla Motors, of which he is by and by the director. The little car producer seems, by all accounts, to be on the precarious edge of significant leaps forward the business, looking to make usable, pragmatic electric autos that can really rival gas controlled vehicles. Musk, a designer, has had a necessary influence in the improvement of the organization’s leader vehicle, the Tesla Roadster.



Musk posted the photo on his Instagram account and from that point forward it is making a buzz in tech and logical circles. The photo demonstrates a man wearing the suit and is standing appropriate by the crew dragon case — a space vehicle which the organization is making to send space travelers to international space station. A while back, SpaceX and Boeing held hands with NASA in a cost-sparing organization to give a help and more affordable go to the ISS for their Commercial Crew Program.


Spacesuit looks cool and smooth. The primary full-body picture uncovers the gloves, grasp what’s more, boots outline for the first run through. The boot looks lightweight — meaning it will help space explorers amid portability. In addition, at a more intensive look, there are dark cushioned ranges at the back of space suit’s shirt and gasp, which may be intended to give solace to space explorers while they sit in the case.


The suit looks more like a defensive suit of expert bikers rather than a space suit. Be that as it may, it won’t be utilized for spacewalks yet will be worn by space explorers while they are in the case. Moreover, it will secure space explorers in the event of loss of lodge weight in-flight. The space suit is not a mockup rather it has been tried in twofold vacuum weight and is in working condition.


Musk said that he will release more data with respect to the space suit soon

What Musk has set in space?

SpaceX is known for making high-end technologies and products varying from satellites to solar panels. He has strong intentions to make the internet as fast as we can’t even imagine

Elon Musk’s said in a tweet, “ SpaceX team reviewed all systems again late last night. Done our best to ensure all is good”

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has just launched a broadband satellite for IntelSat. SpaceX launched this satellite from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The company at first was planning to launch the satellite on July 2 but the launch was halted before the rocket lifts off to space due to some problem. According to the company, there was no major issue, just the computer which is placed to screen the launch of the rocket for any inconvenience, scrubbed the launch. But the company managed to launch the satellite into the sky, after negating the problem.


The Satellite is known as IntelSat 35e, which launched through Falcon 9 rocket into geostationary orbit. With the satellite in place now, areas varying from Caribbean, Europe, and Africa will now receive high and better wireless connectivity.

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The company is planning to launch super-fast internet satellites into space by 2019. If the SpaceX become successful in this venture, then people living on earth will be able to enjoy the super fast internet.

Additionally, the company is also working on another interesting project. This projects aim to make a trip to Mars cheaper than a college degree. The company has even published a paper with the details of the plan to reduce the costs of going to Mar.