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New EU president thoughts about Brexit

Both leaders expected to replace May are more of a believe that the UK will leave the EU without a deal as of time constraint and much of the efforts already been done to build consensus.

However new EU leader as a different viewpoint about the situation the UK has stuck in and she is ready to extend the time as much as possible. In the first case, she does not want Britain to leave, We want you to remain,” she told European lawmakers on Wednesday. “When the United Kingdom needs more time, then I believe it’s right.” Leaving without a deal would be “catastrophic,” both economically and for international relations, she said.

EU President thought about the UK leaving EU with or without Brexit deal

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Her reluctance to countenance a no-deal exit is potentially good news for the U.K. side. Both candidates to replace Theresa May are making it their strategy to scare the EU into believing Britain will walk away without a deal, which they see as the best tactic to secure changes to the unpopular divorce agreement. Front-runner Boris Johnson is even keeping open the option of suspending Parliament to push through no-deal, in what looks like a negotiating ploy.

‘Let us be heard’ demonstration expected soon in London: Brexit

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Most of the voters are of the belief that another referendum could only be the viable way out for the UK to decide the leaving ToR’s from EU before the actual date that is supposed to be in October. However, the expected new PM has a clear thought about exit which is No trade deal with the EU. In order to shun that expected chaos voters are building up trend to take streets in London and show up their consent which has a first sign display today.

Campaigners are planning to take streets in the coming days as the first sign of their planning displayed in front of parliament where the EU flag can be seen as a unicorn display. A slogan ‘Let us be heard’ would be chanted all across and a real power show is expected. Voters are literally frustrated as their representatives in the house are not able to decide as what to take a stance in the situation and they believe its a situation representatives have made it complex so if they can’t build a consensus, give them a chance to solve it now. However, Lawmakers have rejected the thought and explained the situation that Theresa May was ready to exit EU on31 Oct but it was parliament who stopped her and rejected here 3 back to back recommendations about the subject matter and realized her that there is a possible impasse.

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In March, the People’s Vote campaign claimed a million people marched on the streets of London, which would make it the biggest rally in Britain since the Iraq War in 2003. Last October, the group claimed hundreds of thousands of people marched through the city demanding a new referendum. 

May announced her date of leaving downing street


BREAKING News: The embattled Conservative leader announced she will leave Downing Street after the state visit of Donald Trump in the first week of June

She revealed she will stay on as Prime Minister until the Conservative leadership contest is completed.

Mrs May said: “It is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit. I have tried three times.

“It will be up to my successor to find a consensus in Parliament.”

She made the announcement following a meeting with the chairman of the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenches Sir Graham Brady.

That will fire the starting gun on a Conservative leadership election, which party members hope to have concluded by the end of July.

Boris Johnson is the clear favorite to be the next Prime Minister – see the candidates to be next Conservative Party leader here.

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After a crisis-riven premiership of almost three years, May is due to meet the chairman of the powerful Conservative 1922 Committee, which can make or break prime ministers, to set out a timetable for her departure. 

Ministers expect May to make a statement by mid-morning. 

“The 1922 Committee are coming in with a revolver and basically pointing it at her head,” said Gus O’Donnell, Britain’s top civil servant from 2005 to 2011. “He (Brady) will leave the room and possibly leave the revolver in there.” 

May, once a reluctant supporter of EU membership, who won the top job in the turmoil that followed the 2016 Brexit vote, steps down with her central pledges – to lead the United Kingdom out of the bloc and heal its divisions – unfulfilled.

How can May end in June?

May sat with Conservatives in pursuit of time gain or grace weeks to assure proportion of certainty which went opposite to what she had plan in her mind. May leaving no stone un-turned trying her best but circumstances are not ready to merge in her way. Her departure is getting more confirm then her stay in many ways.

Today’s agreement between Theresa May and conservatives intents to show lost certainty which perhaps has no reason left behind. Instead it’s raised more questions and may not even get the Prime Minister through the two or three weeks’ grace it was supposed to give her.


It’s left MPs, including those within the government, asking what will be the point of the last-ditch, fourth attempt to get the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal through parliament at the beginning of June.

She’s agreed that, when the second reading of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (still not actually published) is debated and voted on in that week, whether she wins it or loses it, she and senior backbenches will start the process of selecting a new Conservative leader.

But nothing has changed in terms of parliamentary support for her deal. Why on earth would any opponents change their mind to vote for it in these circumstances? What on earth happens between the second reading and the other stages of a withdrawal agreement bill which increases the stakes considerably by being a bill rather than a motion as the previous three votes were. Why on earth are they doing it at all?

Does Theresa May continue to go through the motions of trying to get it through with a leadership election in progress? Or will she quit immediately after losing for a fourth time?

Politics has been bizarre until now but will be ‘through the looking glass’ then as an opposition source put it.

‘It’s just going through the motions,’ said one Conservative about the bill.

Given all that, there are some who wonder if she’ll even reach that point.

‘She has no power now,’ said one very loyal Conservative. ‘She’s just holding on and she shouldn’t be anymore.There are those who want her to leave with dignity but you can’t have that. Politics is a shit job and others kick you when you’re down.’

The impatient might be disappointed. ‘It won’t be a rushed job,’ one Conservative MP tells me. ‘The party hierarchy will want everyone to feel that they’ve had their say and made contributions. It’ll definitely be done by conference, probably before’ but not squeezed into the weeks before summer recess.

Those who are pushing for a change at the top are pinning their hopes on a new leader having new momentum and new authority. That’s why many want the next leader to be in place before the party’s conference at the end of September. ‘They’ll have power then and will want to show it. They’ll want to use the conference as a launchpad and ‘airbrush out’ the last two years,’ as one MP put it.

Another Tory scoffed at ‘the idea that Brussels will say ‘ah, a new Prime Minister, that’s just what we’ve been waiting for to change the withdrawal agreement. There’s a strong chance the new leader will in the autumn be in the same place that we are now.’

All of which points to parliament finally giving up the ghost and admitting that it can’t solve the Brexit problem it’s set itself.

‘We’ll be looking at the choice between leaving without a deal and revoking Article 50 in October,’ said one Labour MP.

But others, including Conservatives, think a General Election in October is the most likely outcome. Not that anyone expects it to solve anything.

What about the prospects of another referendum? The Welsh Brexit minister Jeremy Miles told the UK Brexit Secretary in a meeting on Thursday that the government should be preparing for one even if only as a contingency measure.

I spoke to a Conservative Brexiter who was beginning to change their mind about a confirmatory vote. It might not be the worst thing, they said but the question would be important. It would need to frame ‘remain’ as the disruptive option whereas in 2016 ‘leave’ was seen as the disruptive option.

It would though, they said, add another 10 months to the process

So who might be the next leader be? One senior Welsh Tory told me that if Boris Johnson is on the ballot, he’ll win.

It’s a big if.

‘I wouldn’t bank on Boris getting on the ballot,’ said another. He has a lot of opponents amongst Tory MPs who will try to make sure his name doesn’t go to the membership vote.

Another senior Welsh Tory is willing to give Johnson a go. He reaches out beyond the party, they told me. And during his time as mayor he’s proven he can do a serious job when he wants to.


Revoke Article 50, more than 2.5 million Britishers demands to stay in the EU

The petition brought in Jan this year from various MP’s which had a primary subject to revoke Brexit. It was not taken into much consideration by Britishers in Jan-Feb 2019. However, MP’s claiming that last Wednesday 20th March 2019 each second 2000 Britishers signing the petition which bought the total number closed to million till now.

More than a million people have signed a petition calling for the government to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit.

The government’s petition website crashed several times on Thursday as hundreds of thousands of people voiced their discontent for Theresa May’s plans for the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The one million signature mark was passed shortly after the prime minister arrived in Brussels, where she is expected to plead with European leaders to agree to a delay on Britain exiting the bloc

The Petitions Committee, a cross-party group of MPs appointed to examine petitions to parliament, said the rate of signing was the highest its website had ever had to deal with.

At 12.45pm, the committee said between 80,000 and 100,000 people were trying to simultaneously view the petition page, while 2,000 were signing every second. Till now the number has reached 2.5 million.

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