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Hays Travel rescued Thomas Cook in calamity

Retail rival dived in to rescue sinking Thomas Cook oldest travel company in the UK acquires 555 outlets promised to restore 4500 resources

Thomas Cook: Blessing in Disguise moment for oldest traveling company in the UK which got rescue by none other than its rival Hays Travel who insured that they will be taking care of all outlets across UK which accumulates around 555 and number of resources were on risk 4500 will be restored soon. Hays travel intends to uplift the sinking Thomas Cook that’s why rescued in the time they are in collapse stage. Hays travel further revealed that Thomas Cook was much loved brand among Britishers and people would love to see it active and progressing in the industry. Britisher reaction became the reason we already hired around 400 Thomas Cook employees and will do further 4000 in near future to give them uninterrupted breathe.

  • Has Travel will provide training assistance
  • Restore 4500 resources already done 450
  • Takes control of 555 outlets all across UK
  • Restore brand trust in oldest traveling company
  • escalate operations and financial assistance

Last month when it was on the verge of collapse, Thomas Cook received seven non-binding offers for parts of its business – its airline operation, tour operator and Nordic business – which were all rejected by its board ,lenders and stakeholders. It was a moment of agony for every one when last plane touched Manchester airport runway and every one knew that was the last wheels of Thomas Cook that touched the runway indeed its hard to believe 178 years old travelling company tagged as the oldest in the UK use to take Britishers for Holidays is about to close