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Technology takeover expected

Technology beyond imagination is just taking its way towards users

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you thought Samsung foldable phone ambitions were wacky, you may want to think again after patents emerged suggesting a transparent smartphone could be in the works. The patents, which were filed in January but only surfaced in August, describe the complicated steps and technologies required to create a transparent phone


Talk about technology takeover. It is reported that Samsung is reportedly working on releasing the world’s first transparent phone. The pixels on the mobile’s display would allow light to pass through and that is effectively going to make the screen go transparent. Just remember that we’re talking about the transparent phone, not invisible. Do you think its going to change the ‘cellphone’ culture in years to come? More on Adcave!

In January 2020, Samsung Electronics filed a utility patent with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). The patent was published on August 27, 2020 and describes the technology needed to create a transparent smartphone. Alternatively, the technology could also be applicable to other consumer electronics products, such as a TV, monitor, laptop, game console and / or camera.

As a basis, an OLED display is used, which is characterized by low power consumption, high brightness and a faster response time than conventional LCD displays. The OLED screen is equipped with a transparent luminous display panel through which light can shine. Thus, content can be displayed on the transparent screen while users can simultaneously see through the phone.

It can be a flat display, but also a flexible screen that can bend, fold and / or roll – according to the patent description. It is a technically defined patent that goes into great detail about the different layers and components required to achieve transparency.