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Christmas Holidays travel essentials under $100

Every third person travels during holiday season which makes the months of Oct-Dec so busy in every aspect whether is booking for the hotels or flights for air travel. Approximately 76% of the people tends to book holidays in June and July to avoid these over bookings and hustle. You may get to know good discount offers and secret travel deals to make your holidays notable. On the other hand 62% of the travelers made some common mistakes which ultimately effects there holidays. Destination may not impact as much as leaving some thing necessary which has a huge role to play in such holidays trip. 68% of the travelers revealed that these electronic gadgets are extremely useful during traveling and somehow you need them at any time. So lets have a look at holidays travel essentials under $100

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Travel to the mountains

There is a cure for every disease I believe, is not it? From minor to a major breakdown in your body. Imagine working for 365 days, do you think you still be able to continue your work with the same efficiency as before? Well, humanly it’s not possible every one needs to break some prefer taking after 6 months and some after 12 months. But there are few crazy couples who make it after months. Though it was not on the weekend so it was a little unusual. I would never recommend Hotel One in winters when there is a chance of snow as you can be stuck in its steep height. It was a short trip and we got back to Lahore. After some time we had a short trip to Mangla stayed there for a night and ran away to Nathiagali as it was burning out there. In April we decided to leave for Hunza and the trip lasted for 7 days. Most adventurous, craziest, scariest and probably the terrible as well. Drove for almost 15 hours non-stop. Went from Basham the road conditions were terribly worst due to Barsha Dam under construction. Chinese have taken over the project. Major recommendations will be shared soon.

A journey to Hunza was a memorable trip of our life.

Any suggestion or recommendation about road conditions or hotel stay or destination feel free to ask.

What more than half percent bikers think 60 years or older should have to go through?

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More than half of all young motorists reckon drivers should have to resist their test once they hit 60 years of age, a new poll shows. Sixty per cent of car users aged 18 – 34 questioned said they felt road safety in the UK would be improved if older motorists had to periodically take a mandatory refresher exam. 

They come as 97-year-old Prince Philip apologised for a crash in which he admits he pulled his Land Rover out in front of another vehicle near the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk. In a letter to an occupant of the other car, he said the sun blocked his view – although witnesses have described it as being a cloudy day. Across all age groups, 35 per cent said such a mature driver test should be introduced. 

At present, drivers are required to renew their licence at 70 – and every three years afterwards – but they do not have to prove their continuing fitness behind the wheel. 

But the findings — from a survey of 1,200 motorists commissioned by Select Car Leasing — could further fuel debate about more rigorous checks for mature drivers. 

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Royal sources have expressed concern he remains regularly behind the wheel given his advancing years. 

The survey also comes as it was revealed that traffic deaths in Japan in 2018 had fallen to the lowest annual rate in the country’s history – a decline which police said was due in part to stringent new tests for over-75s renewing their licences. 

But Luke Bosdet, a spokesman for the AA, said it would be premature to force senior drivers to face renewal exams, and may be discriminatory. 

“Rules around this have already been tightened with doctors in the UK granted greater power to intervene if they believe patients are a threat to other road-users in the UK,” he said. “That is proportionate.” 

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Government officials have ruled out further action for now out of fears it would result in many retired people giving up their cars prematurely. 

A Department for Transport report in November found even requiring those over 70 to take new eyesight tests could lead many to stay off the roads altogether. 

It was suggested this would reduce freedom and impact on health. 

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the survey – conducted by OnePoll – found only six per cent of drivers already over 65 agreed with the introduction of new mandatory tests

Race of making Space trips affordable

At the other end of the industry’s payload spectrum, companies are working to achieve economies of scale with heavier rockets. Among the 10 most-launched rockets, the most affordable on a per-kilogram basis are SpaceX


At the other end of the industry’s payload spectrum, companies are working to achieve economies of scale with heavier rockets. Among the 10 most-launched rockets, the most affordable on a per-kilogram basis are SpaceX

space X.jpg

Falcon 9 and Roscosmos’ Proton M, both able to lift 20,000 kilograms (44,092 pounds) or more, according to a recent Federal Aviation Administration report. The most cost-efficient overall is the 63,800-kilogram-capacity Falcon Heavy, which successfully test-launched earlier this year. (No cost estimates were provided for several other mega-rockets currently in development, such as NASA’s Space Launch System.)

Qatar in regards to ‘Travel plans’ during World Cup 2022 could be worst

Every four years, an episode of wilful wistfulness sweeps across England. The national football team’s last great moment was over half a century ago. And in the build-up to England’s first World Cup game (against Tunisia on Monday 18 June), there is plenty of careless talk about whether the side can emulate their success in the 1966 tournament, when England beat West Germany 4-2 in the final.

In that far-off festival of football, aviation did not figure in ferrying players or fans around England: the most distant stadium from Wembley was Roker Park in Sunderland, little more than 200 miles away, and trains and buses were quite sufficient.

Russia 2018 is partly run on rail, with fans heading for Yekaterinburg travelling on football specials the route of the Trans-Siberian. But many supporters, as well as the teams, the organisers and the media, are shuttling around the world’s biggest nation by air.

The 2026 tournament, held jointly by Canada, the US and Mexico, looks even more extreme, with likely venues strung out across North America from Mexico City via Miami to Montreal.

And in between: as you know, the 2022 World Cup was fairly and squarely awarded to Qatar. As this Gulf nation is smaller than Yorkshire, planes will not be necessary. Or will they?

No one knows which teams will qualify for the desert tournament, but however fast Qatar’s infrastructure expands, there is no prospect that all the fans and players could be accommodated in the host nation. So there has been plenty of talk about staying in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and flying across the 200-mile divide for games in Qatar.

That won’t be possible if the current geopolitical row in the Gulf continues. For almost a year, Qatar has been squaring up against the UAE, Saudi Arabia and some other Middle East countries. And from the traveller’s perspective, Qatar Airways is banned from a lot of useful airspace.

The diplomats have four years to try to solve the crisis, but meanwhile passengers on Qatar Airways are enduring some painfully extended flights. I have been keeping tabs on the flight path of QR773 from Doha to Sao Paulo. From Manchester there is a swift one-hour connection for the flight to South America – but you might not be tempted when you see how extended the journey is between the great footballing nations of Qatar and Brazil.

The most direct route between bisects Saudi Arabia. But the airspace ban extends the journey by almost 1,000 m

Robbie Williams performs

Robbie Williams performs

Robbie Williams performs

Fan zone in Yekaterinburg

Diego Maradona looks on

Colombia fans before the match

The first half-hour the plane aims east, getting further away from South America by the minute, before turning south over the Musandam Peninsula of Oman. It then typically flies out over the Indian Ocean and across Yemen, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Congo. From the point when it leaves the African coast, there is still the equivalent of a London-New York trip ahead to Sao Paulo.

At around 16 hours, QR773 is close to being the longest flight on the planet – a record currently held by Qatar Airways with its Auckland-Doha flight, which also has to take a longer track to avoid the UAE.

As soon as Russia 2018 is over, fans and teams may be poring over maps of the Gulf to work out where they could possible base their headquarters. On the basis that England are almost certain to qualify (perhaps as a result of winning this summer), I speculate that Cyprus may be hosting the team in 2022.

That might sound absurd, but with just 1,250 miles from Larnaca to Doha, it is barely further than England’s journey on Monday from their St Petersburg HQ to that first match in Volgograd on Monday.