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US tariffs would favor global competitors: Apple urged admin

The most awaited and expected moment after Huawei placed in the explicit list of companies that need to revise terms of trade. It was expected that sooner or later the impact of tech war in view of enhanced tariffs would have an impact on Apple so is here.

Apple has urged the US administration that proposed tariffs on Chinese imports would be counterproductive, saying they would hurt the iPhone maker’s competitiveness and “tilt the playing field” to non-American rivals.

No other rivals have such tariffs enhanced and that will place Apple in a hot bowl to compete with rivals. Neither of any rival has shared in US market which has a tariff impact on them. It will force back Apple to reduce the investment and think out of the box to shun these tariffs. Apple has plans to invest $350 billion in over 5 years. It’s on record that Apple is the highest corporate taxpayer of the US.

Additionally, the company said the plan would “weigh on Apple’s global competitiveness” and effectively boost its Chinese rivals. “The Chinese producers we compete within global markets do not have a significant presence in the US market, and so would not be impacted by US tariffs,” the letter said.

Even Taiwan offered Apple to shift its unit to Taiwan to shun tariffs which are under consideration as a situation was expected after Huawei got in scrutiny list.

“Neither would our other major non-US competitors.A US tariff would, therefore, tilt the playing field in favor of our global competitors.” The US already has 25 percent duties on more than $250 billion of imports from China. Global markets are concerned about Trump’s threat to impose more steep tariffs on China, on an additional $300 billion in goods.

Apple, which according to some reports is considering moving some production of iPhones and other goods from China to India or other countries, said the proposed tariff list “covers all of Apple’s major products,” including iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods and AppleTV.

Trump steps up in Florida to initiate re-elections campaign: 2020

Donald Trump will take to the stage at a rally in Florida tonight to formally launch the beginning of his 2020 re-election campaign. Supporters are excited to see him back in action mode with full zest and energy.

Loyal “Trump supporters were already lining up for seats on Monday morning” for the 20,000-seater gig, reports USA Today – but the president faces a challenge more formidable than the one he undertook in 2016.

As CNN notes, Trump “must prove he can recast the political spell that defied pundits and probability and delivered one of the most shocking election wins in history” back in 2016. Yet he is hampered by “cresting crises overseas, endless scandals, personal feuds, the president’s flattery of tyrants, impeachment talk and an impossible-to-ignore presidency that’s barged into every American’s life in draining two-and-a-half years”, the broadcaster adds.

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“Our economy is the envy of the world,” boomed the US leader, who is betting that strong job growth will help persuade the country to give him a second term.

“We are going to keep America great again,” Trump told the crowd. “Oh, we will keep it so great. Better than ever before.

“And that is why tonight I stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as president of the United States.”

Striking a darker note, Trump repeatedly encouraged the crowd to boo journalists covering the event, calling them “fake news.

Khan welcomes Trump desire to meet him: FO

A recent change in government realized Trump’s team that they have to revise their working relationship with newly sworn cricketer turned politician Imran Khan as Prime Minister. The focal point of realization is getting out from Afghan mess and Trump been told that none other than PM Imran Khan can help him out in this matter. He was expecting to meet him at Davos but Imran Khan did not attend that meeting.

Khan previously missed UN meeting held in 2018 and sent his FM Qureshi to represent country later missed Davos meeting held last year. He wanted to put the house in order first. However, he visited KSA twice, UAE, China, Turkey and Malaysia for rescuing the sinking economy and received historic support Pakistan never had received in past.


Now US President Donald Trump has expressed his desire to meet Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, spokesperson of Pakistan’s foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Addressing the weekly briefing here, the spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said that during his recent visit to Pakistan, US Senator Lindsey Graham, discussed Trump’s interest in meeting with Khan, however, date and venue have not been finalized yet.

“There are no dates, as of now, for this meeting. A lot of preparation and homework is required before such high-level engagements are materialized,” he said, Xinhua news agency reported.


He said that Senator Graham also met with the prime minister and foreign minister, which were useful in understanding each other’s perspective and reviewing the regional security situation. Matters of bilateral and regional interest, including the Afghan situation, were discussed.

Earlier in December, Trump wrote a letter to Khan, seeking Pakistan’s support and facilitation in a negotiated settlement of the conflict in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan told Trump to rectify his records: Aid was nuts

In the latest hot tweets exchange between TRUMP and Pakistan PM Imran Khan, world has observed entirety different attitude from underestimated country like PAKISTAN. Not only Trump but none of his cabinet was expecting such a instant and blunt response on twitter just in few mins after Trump put on his tweet. This made them realize the insight of Khans regime in PAKISTAN. On the other hand Pentagon without a moment longer than necessary got on spot and recorded their verdict which was inverse of the President. Pentagon clearly confessed Pakistan is still a critical and supportive ally in the region

Trumps in his media talk point out Pakistan role against the aid given was not enough. I am not satisfied with the response hence halt the aid $1.3 billion.

In response to Trumps media talk, in just short of few minutes Newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan replied in his tweet that they lost 75000 people lives and $123 billion however in return we just got $20 billion which is nuts.

He also told clearly that we wont be a part of any ones war at the same cost anymore. We will have our own interest on the top and anything like “Do More” will be rejected at earliest

Reason why PM Imran Khan has reacted so furious and angrily?

He has a serious concern over post effect of war against terror the lives they have lost and the economy destruction is irreplaceable. On the other hand one should not forget that Pakistan is no more dependent on US financial aid. They have got various sources that are keen to pour in Pakistan’s economy in an hour of need. Countries like China , KSA, UAE , Malaysia, Turkey and many more holds keen interest in Pakistan due to its CPEC project and they strongly believe Gawadar is future Dubai.

So in such scenarios where many countries are interested to help the drowning economy why would the PM like Imran Khan would beg for nuts?

Noah’s thinks President Trump & PM Imran Khan share dupe attributes

South African comedian Trevor Noah has compared Pakistan’s would-be prime minister Imran Khan to US President Donald Trump, stressing that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief’s background story was “unnervingly similar” to that of Trump’s, wherein the two belonged to privileged families and were known for their good looks.

In the latest episode of Noah’s show, the comedian compared Pakistan’s Prime Minister-elect, Imran Khan to the US President Donald Trump. Noah stressed that Khan’s background story is eerily similar to that of Trump’s, wherein the two belonged to privileged families and were known for their good looks.

In a throwback interview presented on the show, Khan describes his lavish lair to “not be that lavish” after all. Instead, he says that he has tried to make it “comfortable” for himself. Noah then points out at a picture of Khan’s old bedroom that he believes is a “part of Pakistan’s Trump Tower”.

Calling Khan an “even more tan version of Trump,” the 34-year-old TV host added that media outlets portray Khan and Trump similarly as well. One clip from the show features a political commentator stating that Khan seems to contradict himself during speeches — something the US President has also often been accused of.

Noah also went ahead to compare Trump and Khan’s career choices, stating that “while was Trump was doing pizza ads, Khan was promoting Pepsi”. Noah joked, “Trump has three marriages in the tabloid, so did Khan. Trump thinks Islam is bad, Khan lives is Islamabad.”

He also pointed out that shortly before the two were elected in their respective countries, they were both embroiled in sexual harassment scandals. Noah also spoke of the similarity of words in Trump’s and Khan’s interviews.

Noah concluded with yet another joke, saying, “I don’t know if Prime Minister Khan will turn out to be exactly like President Trump. All I’m saying is that if you’re planning to move to Pakistan to escape Trump, you might want to pick some place else.”