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Emerging Tesla competitor will blow you

Do you know the tech giant Sony what is its core product line? Electronics? Well its not the only line they are in future because they are taking over Tesla in 2020-21 here is how. It will blow you when you go through its features. Nikola is planning to build a 1-million-square-foot facility south of Phoenix and start making trucks in 2021. It’s expecting to reach full production of about 30,000 fuel cell-electric vehicles in 2027 and 15,000 battery-electric vehicles the following year.

Ford Motor Co., by comparison, is expected to report about $115 billion of revenue for this year. And yet Nikola, whose stock more than doubled Monday, traded up another 30% to as high as $95 after the close, giving the company a richer market capitalization than the almost 117-year-old maker of the F-150.


Must Read: Most costly tweet ever by Elon Musk

Musk has a record of making strange remarks on Twitter. His latest example was on May 1, when he tweeted that Tesla stock “is too high.” In 2018, he said on Twitter that he was going to take Tesla private when its stock price his $420 and that he had already secured funding. The SEC sued over that tweet, and both Musk and Tesla paid separate $20 million fines as part of a settlement, and Musk agreed to submit his tweets to an overseer from then on.

How can you be so vulnerable? Tesla stock was absolutely trading fine at $760 until it pulled back by cautious string of tweets wondering how stock is trading so well? followed by another claim of lack of interest in physical properties located in CA (selling all of them soon), followed by the crazy girl friend confession, all these claims declined the stock by 11% leaving market viewers confused.

He also claimed he has sufficient funds which could buy Tesla and bring the stock at $460. Oh No !!

Tweet can cost you million dollar, how? learn from Musk @Graspintime

Tesla’s stock had been trading at about $760 a share then, after Musk’s 11:11 am Tweet, plummeted to below $700 a share within minutes before rebounding slightly. By midday, the stock was down 8%.The tweet came amidst a string of tweets starting with an announcement that he was “Selling almost all my physical possessions” and “Will own no house,” followed by lyrics from the US national anthem and another tweet indicating that his girlfriend, pop singer Grimes, “is mad at me.”

What Roma tweeted Mohamed Salah after he reached CL final with Liverpool is pure class

Liverpool reached the Champions League final on Wednesday night thanks to a 7-6 aggregate victory over AS Roma.

Jurgen Klopp’s side lost the second leg 4-2 at the Stadio Olimpico but still progressed to the final thanks to their 5-2 win at Anfield last week.

Salah, who scored twice and provided two assists in the first leg, failed to get himself on the scoresheet back at his former stomping ground.

However, he did receive an incredibly classy tweet from Roma’s Twitter account shortly after the final whistle.


The Italian outfit tweeted a drawing of the 25-year-old in a half-Roma, half-Liverpool shirt alongside the words: “It hurts so much that #ASRoma’s incredible dream of going all the way to Kiev is over but you’ll be there in your new colours. Good luck in the #UCL final @MoSalah #ForzaRoma #YNWA”

That tweet deserves a lot of respect.

 Everybody associated with AS Roma was understandably devastated after the final whistle, but their English-language Twitter account still took the time to send that tweet.

Liverpool fans were full of praise for Roma, whose tweet will help to further strengthen the relationship between the clubs.

Making sure to defame Pakistan, Nobel award holder Sharmeen on crictics

Everything is possible yes explicitly in Pakistan. A tweet can take your job away no matter how long you have been working sincerely and dedicatedly does not matter.

What makes her think that way? has really made be thoughtful since the day I came across this news. How can be a person who has so many versatile feathers in her hat could go to that depth of weirdness? I was appalled, horrify, outrage, repel and revolt. Maybe she was going out of projects in her timeline or was vastly short of fame for a long time or maybe got impressed by Meera and retained limelight just the way low tier celebrities manage to stay in the news.

Such actions normally get ignores with a fraction of sarcastic smile which has become the top trend in a tweet.


Sharmeen you have just turned out to be a shame for Pakistan. If you are trying to seek the attention of International media, maybe you will manage to get that but Profile has surely defamed in Pakistan. There are numerous other ways to stay in the limelight if you were really missing that phase. Even if you are running short of topics, you never go to that depth of negativity. You seriously rose questions on your repute and mindset. People have never expected that you could go to that perceptive of society as well. Well, one thing is for sure this act won’t bring much benefit than the outcome that doctor is facing now. Just imagine the situation of Doctor at home when his 4 kids know the reason of firing their father.